Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Once A Fallen Lady - ARC Review

Lydia Taylor's roof is leaking, her chickens are out of control, and she can't afford the rent. When her daughter falls ill, the last person she wants knocking at her door is Alfred Lowe. The school teacher's stern scowl makes her feel like he can see through her fa├žade of a respectable widow and judge all her secrets. If he wants to achieve his dream of his own school, Alfred Lowe needs to marry a wealthy lady. But he's drawn to the enigmatic Lydia Taylor, and the illness of her daughter makes him realize how important she is to him. The injustice of the greedy landlord, or a dirty chicken house, he'll take on anything for her.

As the crisis of Annie Taylor's illness deepens, Alfred woos Lydia with chocolate, savory pies, flowers, and novels. But the past creeps into the present, casting a long shadow. They must choose whether they can love, despite the risk to everything they've ever wanted.

Book Breakdown 

Now I'm not a fan of trigger/content warnings but I do understand why some people need them. That being said, if you're going to add these things, do it like this book! 

It gives just the right amount of info without spoiling anything and leaves away for any reader who wants more info to check and see if they book is a good fit for them. It's perfect! 

I did receive a copy of this for free in exchange for an honest review. Actual rating 4.5 Stars

Now onto the actual review, shall we? The story follows a fallen lady and her dear young daughter that falls sick with polio. Then enters a very sweet school teacher who not only helps the fallen lady but really falls in love with her and her little daughter. Their love was just so sweet I was worried it would give me cavities! If you're looking for a story that is all fluff and happiness. Get this because it will just put a goofy smile on your face and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

The writing is easy to follow and flows wonderfully without being flowery and overstated. The story really does move along fast, this isn't a long book by any means if you had the time you could crank out the whole book in one afternoon without much issue. So if you want a good head start on your reading goals, this book will help you get ahead. 

The characters are also good-hearted and I enjoyed watching the pair grow together and fall in love. Also, I'm kinda jealous. I want a hot teacher to bring my chocolate and books all the time! 

So really, if you want a cute little read you'll love this!