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Separating the Art from the Artist

It feels like it's been forever since I've done a discussion post and I had an idea come to me so I thought we could talk about authors actions. Let's break this down, shall we? What I mean is, if an author does something, says something or even believes differently from you, will you still read their work? 

I've heard of some readers that won't touch a book if an author comes out as anything other than liberal. Then there are readers that won't touch a book if the author is considered an SJW (Social Justice Warrior).  I've also seen on Twitter that some readers won't read an author if the author goes off on other authors. 

I won't be giving any examples on any of these as I'm not trying to cause any drama, I just want to turn this around and ask what your opinions are. 

Personally, I will read work from an author that is not on the side of the political line as me (my views are pretty rare in this sphere. So if I had that mind set, I wouldn't be reading a lot lol). I will read from a few SJW authors. But it really just depends on what I've heard. What I mean by that is if I've seen an author that attacks me (like my labels or way of thinking) then that leaves a sour taste in my mouth and I just can't support them. I also will read from authors that have been 'canceled' while some people think think that makes me a bad person.

I wish I could separate the art from the artist but it is hard sometimes. Now, some people don't mind and it's great. Wish I could be more like that.

Again to each their own. There is no wrong answer here. I just want to know what you think, is it hard for you to read something by someone who you don't agree with? Or do you not care and can just enjoy the story for what it is? 

Let me know what you think below! 

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