Sunday, January 19, 2020

Share a Poem Sunday - The Enchanted Stream

"Pagan Poems" is an illustrated collection of poetry written by Carolyn Emerick. The poetry is inspired by myth and folklore, the beauty of nature, the human senses, and, of course, love.

This collection is the antithesis of "modernist" styles of poetry. Stylistic influences include classics such as Byron, Poe, and Shakespeare. This will appeal to those who love classical lyrical poetry, rhythm, rhyme, and meter, and to those who love to be transported to misty other realms of the mind.

The volume is richly illustrated in full color to aid in the full aesthetic experience. 

The Enchanted Stream

 And when ye wake inside a dream, 
seek ye the enchanted stream. 
For those who have the will to look 
may find the guardian of the brook. 

And if thine heart be fair and true
 as reflections in the morning dew,
 if thine courage be not meek, 
so shall ye find the one ye seek.

 For if thou keep a magical mind,
 without searching, so shall ye find 
treasures not of Earthly birth, 
formed by the measure of thy worth. 

And if fair maiden thine heart desires,
 the one who lights thy soul afire, 
ye need not fear, ye need not weep, 
for thou art destined one day to meet.

Thine stars have surely cast their lots
for a love born of Camelot.
So if ye wake inside thine dream,
thy visions be more real than seemed.