Sunday, January 5, 2020

Share a Poem Sunday - Liminal Places

I'd been looking for some Pagan poetry when I came across this author: Carolyn Emerick. She's got some good poems that I've really fallen in love with and wanted to share with you. 

It's a really pretty book, even has full colored pictures that perfectly set the scene for the poem. 

So over the next month I've got four poems to share. I hope you like them too, even if you aren't Pagan. 

Liminal Places

 Liminal places and moonlit faces,
 dewdrops upon my skin. 
Stardust traces and soft embraces, 
a magical journey begins

 Guided by voices, not by my choices
 an ethereal pathway appears.
 Following noises and Fae Folk rejoices,
 their music drifts into my ears.

 From behind a tree, looking at me 
are antlers and two glowing eyes.
 Can it be? It could only be he.
 The Horned One, his shadow belies. 

He made not a sound while he carried me down 
to the bank by the side of the stream. 
There on the ground, I thought I would drown 
by passions awakened inside me.