Sunday, January 26, 2020

Share a Poem Sunday - Vampire Moon

"Pagan Poems" is an illustrated collection of poetry written by Carolyn Emerick. The poetry is inspired by myth and folklore, the beauty of nature, the human senses, and, of course, love.

This collection is the antithesis of "modernist" styles of poetry. Stylistic influences include classics such as Byron, Poe, and Shakespeare. This will appeal to those who love classical lyrical poetry, rhythm, rhyme, and meter, and to those who love to be transported to misty other realms of the mind.

The volume is richly illustrated in full color to aid in the full aesthetic experience. 

Vampire Moon 

Ethereal light and tranquility
 shining down with this full moon. 
Clear skies transmit so much energy, 
this night can but end all too soon. 

My skin must hide from the hot summer sun, 
and shirk from the brightness of day. 
It's when the glory of night has begun, 
my fears, they do start to dissuade.

 The others, they seem to thrive in the day.
 But, I live for the darkness of night. 
That’s when my creatures come out to play, 
but the daylight, its shine makes us hide. 

A shining disc of custard light up my way.
My gods, such ambience is rare.
If you meet my wolf as we're out of here to play,
then you better be braced for a scare.