Wednesday, February 5, 2020

3 Mini Witchy Reviews

Discover how to engage with the urban landscape around you and harness the boundless possibilities for a thriving magical practice. Urban Magick shows you how to connect with your city's diverse ecosystem and channel the powerful energy running through it.

Diana Rajchel invites you on an in-depth exploration of what it means to practice urban magick, providing a variety of spells for city life, techniques for working with spirits and elements, exercises to boost your creativity and energy, and much more. You'll also learn the purpose behind both ancient and modern cities, how architecture and population density affect your magic, and much more.

Mini Book Breakdown 

Did you know that each city has its own spirit? Neither did I until this book. There's a lot in here and even some spells. I think city magick users will be pleased. As for me... I just... I fell asleep to this book for three nights on end. I did finish it but nothing to me really stuck. Sorry!

I was given this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Asatru Then and Now. From its pre-Christian beginnings to its contemporary practitioners, Heathenry has long fascinated people from every corner of the world. Written from the unique perspective of a Heathen gythja, or Godwoman, A Practical Heathen's Guide to Asatru shows how to bring the beliefs and traditions of this ancient faith into your life today. In this complete guide to Asatru, you will discover: The mythology, folklore, and historical sagas of Northern European Heathens How to conduct rituals for birth, naming, entry into adulthood, weddings, divorces, funerals, and holy days Practical techniques for meditation, trance-work, prayer, and working with runes and charms Heathen perspectives on the nature of time, creation, worship, ethics, oaths, and hospitality An in-depth glossary, index, pronunciation guide, and bibliography for further study
Mini Book Breakdown 

So I've been getting more and more into the Norse Pagan path and this was the first book I decided to read because my library had it available. I learned quite a but but it also made me sad that I can't trace my family line back as far as most can. Hell, I can't even trace my line back past my great-grandparents because my family all hates each other and you can't talk to anyone and ask questions. So yeah it's great for beginners just don't let the family line stuff bother you. Do what feels right to you.

Providing an in-depth look at the history, study, and practice of Reiki, this comprehensive guide is ideal for students and practitioners of every level. Discover techniques, hands-on training practices, and different versions of Reiki from around the world. Llewellyn's Complete Book of Reiki presents an extensive look at the many ways Reiki can uplift your life and restore your well-being. This indispensable guide contains information on:Vibrational Healing Sensing Energy Hand Positions Symbols and Mantras Traditional and Non-Traditional Techniques Reiki Self-Practice Professional Practice Conducting Sessions Teaching Reiki Reiki Attunements Reiki for Children and Pets And More!

Mini Book Breakdown 

Just a heads up, any books that come from Llewellyn's line of "Complete Book of ___" is going to be epic and packed full of so much info it will make your head spin. I went into this book only knowing that Reiki is a form of healing. Now I feel like not only do I have a grasp on what Reiki is but I would even try it myself. Just wonderful information!

I can't wait for this book to be published because finding things in the paperback version will just be so much easier to me!

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.