Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wicked Saints - Book Breakdown

A girl who can speak to gods must save her people without destroying herself.

A prince in danger must decide who to trust.

A boy with a monstrous secret waits in the wings.

Together, they must assassinate the king and stop the war.

In a centuries-long war where beauty and brutality meet, their three paths entwine in a shadowy world of spilled blood and mysterious saints, where a forbidden romance threatens to tip the scales between dark and light. Wicked Saints is the thrilling start to Emily A. Duncan’s devastatingly Gothic Something Dark and Holy trilogy...

Book Breakdown 

This story seems to be taking the path that I wish the Grisha books had taken. You can tell this author loves Leigh Bardugo because I got major Grisha vibes while reading this. This is probably an unpopular opinion but I like this better. The Grisha books... well the weren't the best. They took so many turns that I didn't care for. In this series, the 'Mal' character is actually my favorite! Serafin has been dealt a bad hand in this one but he keeps trucking through.

I do like Nadya better than her Grisha counterpart but she still has some issues that I'm more than willing to look over because I'm hoping she gets flushed out better in the next one.

Malachiasz... he's the Darkling mixed with Kylo Ren. He's perfectly dark and twisted. I like him, even when I hate him. Does that make any sense? I hope so.

I didn't mind all the talk of Gods and Saints like some people did. It's refreshing to see religion in a YA book. Even the politics in this world didn't really bother me. Normally I hate politics in my stories because I want to escape the world... not have it thrown in my face in this fantasy world too. So that's awesome!

Overall, I love the dark world. Everything is bleak and gritty. It felt hopeless and even kind of depressing at times but there was always just enough light to keep it going. I can't wait to see how Ruthless Gods turns out! So excuse me while I go read the ARC.