Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Writing Rambles - Carnival of Devils

I wrote this in 2018, I believe, as a challenge my partner set for me. It's since become a tradition of ours to write something scary during October. I'll give him an idea for a screenplay and he'll give me an idea for a short story. It's fun and something we can do together since we both love horror.

I've been revising this one, making it longer, adding more details recently and thought I'd share this original one with you, so if you can, please read and tell me what you think, ignore any typos please, I'm such a messy writer that it's not even funny. I'm usually going so fast to get the thoughts out of my head that important things like grammar and spelling take a nose dive till I go back and look at it. I cleaned it up quite a bit so it's actually readable but you might still find a little something here or there.

So without further ado, please let me welcome you to the Carnival of Devils. I promise you it's a thrill ride that you'll never forget...