Saturday, August 1, 2020

UPDATE! The Future of 50/50 Friday & More

     Since 10/7/2016, I've kept 50/50 Friday going. I had lots of help from the amazing Laura for a few years but then she needed to take a break and I've been running it alone. I'm not very creative, that's always been something that I don't like about myself, so after a bit, I ran out of topic ideas or the ones I came up with were no longer fun for me. 

     The worry of having to make sure I have a post up every Friday was starting to get to me. My whole world has changed, as I'm sure yours has as well. I couldn't keep this up anymore. I'm sorry for those that liked this meme. I really am. 

     Next, I would like to talk about my feelings with the book world. It's really changed since I first started blogging, it used to be the kind of place where we could just talk about the books that we loved. Now, it's turned into something I can't always stand behind. Everyone trying to tear down books they don't like, trying to get them pulled before they are published so no one else can enjoy them. It's honestly gross. I don't want a small group of people deciding if I should be allowed to read a book or if it should even be published. That's my choice alone. Of course, my opinion is not the most popular so I don't mean to offend anyone. This brings me to another point, I'm tired of having to walk on eggshells so I don't offend. I have to do that enough in my real life with my special needs daughter, I'm not going to do it in the one place that was my escape. I don't mean to offend anyone, that's never been my intention but I have offended with some of my reviews... or because I decided to read a book that someone was offended by, they got nasty with me. I'm not about that life. 

     So my love for reviewing books has really fallen recently, as I'm sure you've seen. I used to be scared to share my thoughts because I didn't want to hurt anyone so I just stopped... just read the books I wanted without reviewing them. I'm done with that. If I want to review a book, I will. Again, I don't want to offend anyone but it's going to happen, I'm sure, and I won't say I'm sorry again for my own personal opinions and thoughts. If you're okay with that then please stick around and if you're not, I will understand if you don't wanna hang here on my blog anymore. Everyone has to do what's best for themselves. 

    So, because my love of books has been turned a little sour as of late, I'm going to be branching out. I will talk about video games, tv, my writings, or just whatever the heck I want to talk about at that time. Yes, I am still going to be talking about books but this other stuff will be coming into play. You've already seen a little bit of it with the Resident Evil post so you can understand what's coming. I also want to talk more about my writings and manga, TV shows I'm watching (Netflix's Cursed, Am I right, or am I right?)

    So this isn't the end of The Butterfly Reader, it's just growing into something much more. I hope you guys will follow me on this path because it's going to be a wild ride! 

    I've missed you guys so much. It was nice to take this long break but I'm glad to be back! I'll be lurking around all your blogs soon so you'll see me again!