Friday, September 25, 2020

Second Episode of Kouples Korner, My Partner Has a Short Film, & A Cookbook Review

     Another long post but I just wanted to add a few things onto this one. First off, my partner got one of his shorts filmed! It's about ten minutes long and it turned out pretty dang well! He's very proud but says it also feels very surreal. I hope this is the start of something great for him! 


    Another thing I wanted to add; the second episode of Kouples Korner is now live! We were a little excited and recorded another one. But after spending all day editing, we are going to stick to once a week, only on Friday's schedule. Editing really takes a lot of time! My eyes were so blurry by the time I finished that I walked into the kitchen counter.... yeah. I'll take more breaks for next week's episode. You can listen to the Youtube video or click the link HERE to find it on your favorite podcast site. I usually listen through Apple Podcasts myself. Please enjoy! This one turned out a whole lot better! 


"Let me guess... someone stole your Sweetroll?" - Skyrim

Now, I no longer have to care if my Sweetroll is stolen because I can just make my own! 

I've been getting into cookbook more recently and when I saw this was a thing; I had to read it! A cookbook based on one of my favorite video game worlds of all time?! Heck yeah! 

I have a lot of recipes lined up to make, Sweetrolls are one of them! But there's also the Potato Cheddar Soup and Boiled Creme Treat, Stewed Apples and Eidar Cheese! 

I wish I could show you all these amazing pictures from the book but I think I'd get into trouble if I shared all the ones I wanted to make. 

Something I find fun is before each recipe, there's a little mention of how the dish relates to the Elder Scrolls world and which race created the dish. It's so thorough that I feel like these are real places the author talks about and not a video game world. It's amazing! When I make a few of these dishes I want to take pictures and put them on Instagram. Let me know if that's something you'd want to see. 

    Bottom line: I love this! Until next time, stay healthy, stay happy, and read a good book!