Wednesday, October 28, 2020

3 NetGalley Manga Reviews (Bleach, RWBY, and Fly Me to the Moon)

    First comes marriage, then comes an earthbound love that is out of this world!

    From the day his parents named him, Nasa Yuzaki has been destined for outer space…or so he believes. But while trying to join the space program, he is thrown for a loop when an accident introduces him to Tsukasa, a mysterious girl with strange powers. Is she an alien, a moon goddess or something else? Since she insists on marrying him, Nasa has plenty of chances to find out!

Mini Manga Breakdown

    A cute romance manga? YES PLEASE! The art is so pretty. I do feel the beginning is a little jarring... like it just throws the reader into the story and I wasn't sure if I'd missed something or not. Once, I caught on, it was great and the story is cute. Can't wait to read more!



    Hisagi must throw himself into a new fight as the mystery that Kaname Tōsen left behind resurfaces. The story reveals more details about the four Noble Houses, the Soul King, Arrancar and Fullbringers.

Mini Book Breakdown

    I thought this was a manga but it's actually a light novel. I have this love-hate relationship with light novels because I'm so used to seeing this world and these characters on the page that when I just have to picture them in my head... it's lost in translation.

    That being said... I really enjoyed the story here and will continue this series. I love Bleach, the anime, and manga. Adding this new format just makes me happy to know we're still getting Bleach in some form.

    Experience the introductory arc of the international smash hit series RWBY in a whole new way—manga!

    In the world of Remnant, monsters known as Grimm wreak havoc. They’re kept in check by Huntsmen and Huntresses, highly skilled warriors experienced in monster extermination who utilize their special abilities on the field of battle. Ruby is a ferociously talented young girl who comes to Beacon Academy to hone her skills and serve as a Huntress herself. Alongside her sister Yang Xiao Long, rival Weiss Schnee and newfound friend Blake Belladonna, Ruby leads Team RWBY, the coolest new group at Beacon!

    Ruby takes her first step on the road to becoming a Huntress by enrolling at Beacon Academy, eager to take on the battery of tests, challenges and difficulties that follow. Ruby knows her talents will take her to her goal, but is she ready to clash with Weiss Schnee, haughty scion of the Schnee Dust Company?

Mini Manga Breakdown

    Action packed! Great art! Cute moments and even a few funny ones. I've never seen the anime and now I really want to change that!