Thursday, December 31, 2020

Goodreads - My Year in Review


At the time this came out I've read 206 books and 51,115 pages. So that's pretty dang good for me! I always have a personal goal of reading 200 books or more. So I made that goal for 2020! 

Average page count for each book: 248 pages

Most popular book read: Twilight. 6,138,834 people have read this book.

Least popular book: Poems for the Pagan Heart. Only two people have read this one.

My average rating was really high for 2020 which is weird because looking back at most of the books, I wouldn't give them the same rating anymore. I think they'd be lower now. But the average rating was 4.1.

My first review of the year: Rated Mature for a reason!

My last review was for In Order To Live

I branched out quite a bit in 2020 but not as much as I wanted. So that's my goal for 2021. How many books did you read this year? What's the most popular book you've read? Any hidden gems? Let me know below and have a great day!