Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Finally A Vegan - Book Breakdown

Stephanie took part in Veganuary, the month-long global challenge to try veganism, for January 2019. In Finally a Vegan she describes how her changing attitudes to animal welfare and exploitation led her from staunch omnivore to vegetarianism in the preceding years. She recalls her excitement at taking part in the challenge itself and shares her daily food diary, failures as well as triumphs.

Drawing on her post-Veganuary experiences, Stephanie then responds to the common questions But what about my boots? But isn't it expensive? and But surely it isn't healthy? before honestly asking herself How vegan do I want to be?

Ideal for vegan-curious readers, Finally a Vegan is an insightful memoir inspired by one life-changing month.

10% of Finally A Vegan profits will be donated to vegan projects and charities.

Book Breakdown

Stephanie Jane is a member of our blogging community. I've been following her blog (Literary Flits) for a while and saw that recently she released a book about her journey with Veganism. I tried being Vegan once when I was a teenager but just couldn't stand the cheese. I love cheese so much that I couldn't handle it. But I have kept a few things from those days, like the butter spread I use is still vegan. I love vegan meat substitutes more than real meat itself. I was a Vegetarian for more than half my life. It became harder when I got with my partner who can't live without meat. 

So this book piqued my interest and I had to read it. The author was kind enough to give me a free copy. Stephanie took part in Veganuary which is the global Vegan challenge for January. I didn't know this was a thing but it's something I would like to try in the future. 

Stephanie goes further than I've seen other Vegans without just resorting to the horrible shocking horror of how farm animals are treated, which I loved. She talks about clothes, which is something that would affect a lot of people, they love fur coats and leather boots. Thankfully, that's never been a problem for me. I've never owned any real animal product items of clothing. 

She even talks about things that I'd never even thought of when it came to a Vegan lifestyle. Which really hammered into my mind that it is in fact - not just a diet - but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that not only affects you but everything and everyone around you. The way she talks, she was pretty lucky with those around her with their support or at least open mind.

The author even gives a lot of recipes that sound mouthwatering. I saved quite a few that I plan to make in the future. She brings up an option that I thought was pretty nifty. Eating Vegan one day a week. That's a good start, even one day a week would help. Then slowly work your way up, think of all the animals you could save. 

Stephanie isn't the Vagan stereotype - holier than thou, pushy, judgemental - that I've seen many times from my real life to YouTubers I watch. Which turns a lot of people away from the Vegan community. I think this is a great book for anyone who wants a more down to earth story of a real Vegan who started with a monthly challenge (that she even admits to failing a few times!) and took the plunge to a plant-based lifestyle. 

Honestly, it was inspiring. I'm now going to go back to my Vegetarian ways in hopes of giving Veganism another go in the future.