Tuesday, March 2, 2021

February Wrap Up!

It's that time of the month once again where we see if I actually met my TBR goals. Place your bets now before we dive into this. Got them in? Okay then, let's go!

I read every single book on my TBR but one. BUT, it wasn't my fault, the library didn't give me the copy because the snowstorm messed up everything. Which is completely understandable. We can't control the weather! 

So the book I didn't get to read...?

I had really hoped to get through this book this month but I will push it to next month. Hopefully the library will get a copy in by then. Fingers crossed! 

I did switch Becoming for another book the library offered instead and it was life changing. I will be leaving a full review soon so please check back for that. This book is just that good.

World Wide Gothic: A Chronicle of a Tribe - Mini Review
This book takes you right to the start of goth. It lists the bands that started the movement and fashion and even branches out into the gothic term. I loved looking up the bands mentioned that I didn't know and finding that I liked a few of them. I would beware if I were new to the goth scene or just someone who wanted to read and learn more. The author uses gothic and goth as if they were the same thing and they're not. She lists gothic metal bands that aren't a part of the goth subculture. But this book is called worldwide GOTHIC. Keep that in mind, and it's all good. I do love that she goes all around Europe and even into the Japanese gothic scene. I really enjoyed the part where she mentions books and movies as I loved pretty much everything she listed.

In case you've missed any, I will link the book reviews I've done for the books on my TBR this month.

I did reread a few of my favorites this month as well so I will link to my old reviews if you want to read them. My old reviews suck so be warned. 

That's a wrap for this month! What did you read? What was your favorite read last month? Let me know below! Have a great day and stay safe!