Wednesday, April 7, 2021

2 VERY Late NetGalley Reviews!

Last year was awful, really terrible for me. I know what you are thinking, that last year was unpleasant for everyone. You're not wrong. But because last year was grim, I've really fallen behind on NetGalley. I logged on for the first time in nearly a year the other day and saw the books I had. Most were released last summer. 

Most of them were due around late summer, but when my father passed away... my world just kinda stopped. I stopped. I still don't think I've gotten back to how I was. It's been nearly 8 months. I'm starting to understand that I'll never be the same.

But I've been reading a little more and decided to catch up on these books! I've got a few to share with you today.

Let's get started! 

It's been a bit since I reviewed a book like this on the blog. It's hard to explain my thoughts on religion in general. It's ever-changing and flowing but somehow I always come back to the path. The Hearth Witch's Year just takes you through a year with all the sabbats and seasonal ways to live your life. It's something I like to do. Try and live with the seasons, of course with 2020, that was really hard! My favorite thing about this one was the natural cleaners. I HATE store-bought cleaners so this was epic.

If you've been around my blog for a bit then you'll know that I love Nalini Singh! So I was so lucky to get approved for this novel! I'm sure I'll never be approved again because this review is so late but life happens and I sure wasn't expecting my father to pass away. 

This follows the story of Selenka and Ethan and takes place over a short amount of time. I'm no fan of insta-love at all so I'm on the fence about this one. It's very insta-love but it's also one of my favorite authors. So while I did enjoy this novel a lot, it's not my favorite in the series.