Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Ranking The Harry Potter Movies

My partner and I had ourselves a Harry Potter movie marathon. My partner’s favorite is Prisoner of Azkaban and he never fails to mention it, so it got me wondering just which is my favorite? We will start with my ultimate pick and work our way down!

1) The Chamber of Secrets (2)

My favorite scene in the whole franchise is where Harry and Malfoy are dueling and Harry speaks to the snake. It’s always just been freaking wicked to me. Not to mention how interesting it was to see a young Voldermort. I feel this movie really sets the dark tone while settling into the world. We see our young trio really bond as this movie goes along and I just love their teamwork, it really shines.

2) The Prisoner of Azkaban (3)

I love this one because Harry gets a moment of hope. He starts out thinking the man who betrayed his parents is out to kill him but finds not only was he wrong, but he gains a godfather that actually cares about him. It’s the first movie that visually takes on a darker tone while set against a stunning background in Scotland. I love that we get to see Harry and Hermione go back in time and save not only Sirius but Buckbeak.

3) The Goblet of Fire (4) 

This movie changed everything. Gone is the normal format from the first three. This one ends with a death and Voldermort coming back in the flesh. This is the beginning of the end. It’s dark and depressing for most of the film, as Ron and he are at odds and Harry is put through hard tests that he never even wanted to sign up for. 

4) Deathly Hollows Part Two (7)

After seven films of build up, so many deaths of those we love, we finally get to see that it was worth it. It’s a truly bittersweet moment. My favorite part is getting to see Snape for the first time. The man he actually was and not the monster it led us to believe for so long. While the ending isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, we see the light after a long dark storm.

5) The Philosopher’s Stone (1) 

The one that started it all. We get to follow Harry into this amazing world, see it all come to life and learn beside him. It’s the lightest of all the novels, but very bittersweet as Harry gets to see his parents in the mirror. We get to see just how strong Harry is and his friends grow together.

6) Half-Blood Prince (6)

This one was so very good, but ripped my heart out. I can’t stand losing a character we love. Even though I have a love/hate relationship with Dumbledore, I hated that Harry had to lose yet another person he cared about. I loved that we got to see more of Snape, even though we’re led to hate him for what he did. Alan Rickman was just simply amazing.

7) Deathly Hollows Part One (7)

I really dislike the whole trend of spitting one book into two movies because it always feels incomplete. HP actually started the trend that so many other books followed. While I still enjoyed this one, it was as much as I wanted. Far too many loose ends and plots left hanging until the next one. 

8) The Order of the Phoenix (5)

One of the saddest films... I hate that Harry lost the last family member he had. This film made me wonder if JK Rowling got off on putting Harry through the worst things she could come up with. So while I love watching the plot is thickening and we get to see something different from the school formula, it just makes me so freaking sad. If you know anything about me, know that I just can’t handle sad things. Oh, and of course, there’s Umbridge. Everyone hates Umbridge, and rightfully so. The actress plays it well, but that character, though...


In case you wanted to know which films were my partner's favorites.

1) Prisoner of Azkaban
2) Half-Blood Prince
3) Goblet of Fire
4) Deadly Hollows Part 2
5) Deadly Hollows Part 1
6) Chamber of Secrets
7) Order of the Phoenix
8) Philosopher’s Stone 

Which film is your favorite? If you feel like it, I'd love to see your list! Until next time, stay safe out there and happy reading!