Friday, August 20, 2021

Wattpad + Writing Rambles + My Story

It seems like forever ago when I said I was going to put a few old stories up on Wattpad because I wanted to share them with the world. Well, I've finally started! 

The first one that I've started putting up was one I wrote over four years ago. It's my paranormal romance. It's called The Elemental

After Raven and her sister's mom dies they discover they are being stalked. All while strange things keep happening that can't be explained. Raven is put through hell but with help from something that has come alive in her and help of bi-racial werewolf Derek Nakashima, she just might make it.

Raven learns that her mother had married the Nakashima's father and, now they're here to protect her and her sister, whom they claim are in danger from the Council. While coming to terms with this new world, mastering her gift, and protecting her sister, Raven will learn things about her parents and even herself that she never would've dreamed.

I do hope you'll give it a look, I post two-three chapters every Sunday. I've already written the whole thing and so the uploads will come on time. 

If you have any advice, critique, or comments on the story please do tell me! I want to improve my craft so that hopefully one day I can get one of my stories published. 

That's really it for this one, have a great day! Thanks for stopping by and stay safe!