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Music Monday - Taylor Swift

This meme is hosted over at Always Me I've been on a Taylor Swift kick since she dropped her version of Wildest Dreams. I'm so excited for Red this November!  So I've been going back and watching her concerts on YouTube. Hope you enjoy! I also hope they don't get removed! Fingers crossed!   Well that's all for this one! Tell me which you liked more? As always, stay safe and happy reading!

Ranking The Twilight Books

  Last week I ranked the films and today I'm going to rank the books! It does very quite a bit so I hope you'll stay around to see the differences! 

Merry Mabon!

  Today is the Autumn Equinox. Which means the day and night are equal lengths and from here on, the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder.... unless you live in Oklahoma where it’s still 90s every day where I live.  It’s a harvest festival, one of corn, apples, and wheat.  Back before the luxury we have now of supermarkets, when people have to grow their own food, this was the time all their hard work from spring and summer paid off. Where they could harvest their food and get ready for the brutal winter ahead.  It’s a time of thanksgiving and plenty.  Even if you don’t celebrate Mabon, it doesn’t hurt to stop and take a moment to be grateful for everything you have and just how easy it is for us today to get food!

Music Monday - Mabon

This meme is hosted over at Always Me Welcome! Welcome, another Monday, another week. Which means back to school for me. But this week has something special! Mabon or the Autumn Equinox. It’s a special holiday for witches and Wiccans. I’m honestly debating on if I should skip that day to celebrate, but I’m not sure yet.  In order to honor the first day of autumn, I’ve gathered threes songs that I’ve been listening to. I hope you enjoy them even if you don’t celebrate Mabon.   Which was your favorite? Let me know below. I hope you have a great week and wonderful Mabon or Wednesday if you prefer.  Stay safe and happy reading! 

Ranking The Twilight Films

 I recently watched the films.... again, and it got me thinking, how would I rank them? And thus this post was born! Now, I know that right now Twilight is having a renaissance moment and people like it again. Now, I'm sure people will go back to hating this series later but hey, for now, it's cool. So let's roll with it. This list is much different from the book list (which will come soon!). My favorite book is actually one of my least favorite movies. See if you can guess as we go! We're gonna start with my least favorite and work our way to the best.

Music Monday - Dark Songs

This meme is hosted over at Always Me Hello! Another work week begins! How was your weekend? I baked a lot and cleaned because the house was a colossal mess! Now it’s nearly perfect! Just a little more work that I will get next week. I don’t know about you but when I clean; I like to listen to music; it keeps me going. Here are two of the songs I listened to. Hope you enjoy! What did you think? Which was your favorite? Let me know below! As always, have a safe week! Happy reading little butterflies! 

The ABC Challenge - The Letter A

Welcome to my very first Alphabet Reading Challenge post!  I've decided to go all out with these posts. Not only sharing books but also movies, TV shows and even music. I do hope you'll join me as I take this deep dive.  Please comment below if you like any of these things too! 

August Reading Wrap Up!

I didn't read a lot this month because I've started my classes and that takes up my whole day. I get up at 6:30am get ready and then don't get home till 3:15pm. Except for Tuesdays... where I do not get home till after five.  So I'm proud of the books I did read! Most of these were read before I started classes but hey, I'm hoping I'll get into the swing of things soon. 

Music Monday - Vintage Autumn Music

This meme is hosted over at Always Me   September is what I call 'pre Halloween' and it's when I can start pushing the boundaries of what I wear without getting stared at like I'm the Devil's daughter or something. Or I take full advantage! But I always start out listening to a vintage autumn mix to set the autumn mood before jumping right into Halloween. So I hope you enjoy this little mix as much as I do! 

Mini ARC Review - Lucky Girl: A Dose of Darkness Novella

Seven years ago, Teddy Drucker disappeared. He changed his name, altered his appearance, and abandoned his corporate aspirations, fleeing for his life. What choice did he have? In over his head with the cops who’d accused him of murdering his girlfriend and the kind of guys who don’t think twice about cleaning up loose ends with a well-placed bullet. Now, Trevor Dent is a new man. With a Ph.D. and a cute little car and therapy clients who trust him with their dirty secrets. But when his new patient calls him by his old name and his girlfriend turns up missing, Trevor realizes the past can’t be erased. And his past has a name and a face and the kind of secrets a man would kill for. Only forty-eight hours to save his girlfriend’s life, and Trevor is back on the run. With a go-bag and a stolen car and an unlikely ally who has her own demons. As the bodies pile up behind them, he’s betting it all on her. He’s hoping this girl is as lucky as she seems. Because this time the odds are stacked

The ABC Challenge

I've decided to take Esther's ( BiteIntoBooks ) advice and throw my hat at the ABC Book Challenge!  I'm still working on a list of books and all that so this is just me announcing my plans.  I hope you will follow along with my journey! Also, if you've got any books that start with A, let me know so I can add to my list of possible reads! I'm still working on a format but I do  really like how Esther does her with spotlighting books that start with the letter. So I might do something like that.  That's it for this post. It's short and sweet but sometimes that's the best way to go!  Until next time, stay safe and happy reading!