Friday, September 24, 2021

Ranking The Twilight Books

Last week I ranked the films and today I'm going to rank the books! It does very quite a bit so I hope you'll stay around to see the differences! 

My favorite of the series is Eclipse. It has so much action, Edward is back and trying to get Bella to marry him and Jacob gets slapped by Bella! What else could a girl ask for? 

I like how bonded Bella and Edward are and how they work as a team throughout this one. Plus, I love the camp scene with Edward and Jacob that Bella thinks is a dream. 

I also like how the love triangle ends in this one. We see Bella finally admit that she has feelings for Jacob but that she loves Edward more. 

The one that started it all. Twilight. I still remember when my friend told me about this book because she knew I loved to read. I already loved vampires and thought the idea of a vampire without fangs and that sparkled was lame. So it took me a bit to read it.

Finally, I saw it at the library one day and since there was nothing else I could find to read; I grabbed it. I devoured this book in two days. I just couldn't stop reading. Even without the fangs. 

I remember requesting New Moon and Eclipse because Breaking Dawn wasn't out yet. The wait line was so long and my parents got tired of hearing me complain and mope around that they ended up buying me the next two. 

I read most of this book in one day, but because I just couldn't handle the story being over, I stopped at the last chapter and put the book down for at least two weeks. 

That probably sounds stupid, but I was just so obsessed that the thought of the end made me want to drown in my own tears. Over dramatic? Yes. Honest? Unfortunately.

I was happy that Jacob would just leave the happy couple alone, but disgusted that he wanted their baby. To this day I'm left with this question.... if Jacob was only attracted to Bella because of her eggs... was he also into Edward for his sperm? 

Well, I'm sure by now you know that I'm not a big Jacob fan. So with Edward gone, Bella depressed, and Jacob taking center stage... this book is my very least favorite. 

I did really like the parts before her birthday and when Alice came back towards the end. But otherwise... nope.

So tell me, which is your favorite book in the series? Which is your least? If you want to rank them down below, that's really wicked. 

If you have any other series you'd like to see me do this with, don't be shy! I'm thinking of doing the Conjuring Universe next month for Halloween.  

Until next time, little butterflies stay safe and happy reading.