Thursday, November 4, 2021

My Halloween Adventures

I've talked about this before but now I'm going to share some pictures! Please know that as much as I wish I was... I'm not a photographer. So if these suck, I'm sorry. 

First, my friends and I went on a really cool train ride, we rode the oldest train in the lot and it was in three movies. No famous movies, all were indie/low budget but still, that's wicked.

It was actually the Chicago NW, it was never in use in Oklahoma. It's actually the warmest train in the lineup, insulated with horse hair. 

It was surreal to know I was sitting where people 100 years ago had sat many times to travel back and forth. I know that sounds strange but weird stuff like that always gets to me. 

A young woman could've sat in my seat on her way to meet her lover. A man on his way to work. A mother and child going to visit daddy at work. 

This was one of the trains that was currently out of commission but I thought it was really cool so I snapped a picture. 

That's all I have from the train as there wasn't much to show, sadly the route they usually take had been flooded and so they just drove us back and forth passed from trees. 

It was my first time on a train and I really enjoyed it.

Now! Onto the Museum of Osteology! I got a lot of cool pictures from this place and tried to get the info card that went with them. Now the lion that kicks off the pictures had no info card but he was just too cool to pass up!

I took more photos but sadly they didn't turn out so well when I try and put them on the blog. Still this was quite a bit! 

It was one of the coolest places I've ever been. I enjoyed it so much! Next time I'm going to buy some cool gift shop stuff to show you. 

Tell me what you thought! Would you ever go to this kind of museum? My mum's scared to death of skulls so she'd never go. 

That's all for this post! I hope you have a great day. Stay safe, wear a mask, and happy reading!