Thursday, December 9, 2021

A Guide To The Wallflower Series By Lisa Kleypas

This is the one that starts off this entire series. It follows Annabelle; she’s beautiful and sweet. Any member of the ton should jump at the chance to snag her up. Yet, somehow, she’s a wallflower. The reason? She’s very poor. 

So poor her family can hardly make it through the season. She’s so desperate to save her family and get a good match, she’s willing to forgo love as long as has future husband is a peer. 

She ends up forming a friendship with the rest of the wallflowers, agreeing to get themselves married. 

Enter, Simon Hunt. A self-made man so rich it’s not funny. He has no title and Annabelle detests him. Only once she gets to know him... she decides maybe he’s not so bad after all.

I love Annabelle and Simon and all the wallflowers! The romance in this is sweet and watching Annabelle fall for Simon is amazing. 

I also have to praise the female friendships in here. It’s heartwarming to see how close they become and how much they want to help each other. It’s so rare not to see anyone trying to tear someone else down to make themselves look better. A really great read! 

In Autumn, we get into step into the mind of American heiress Lillian Bowman. Her family is so rich that it’s not even funny and her parents are dead set on her marrying a member of the peerage. If he does not have a title, then he’s not the one. 

But Lillian isn’t the soft-spoken English woman. She’s American, bold and not one to keep her opinions to herself. So no one wants her. She sits on the sideline at balls, a wallflower.

But there is one man of the ton that she really dislikes, Marcus, Lord Westcliff. His line is the oldest in the entire country. Some say his blood is even bluer than the queen’s. 

He pushes her buttons like no one else and he thinks she’s improper. Yet, they are both drawn to each other...

Lillian and Marcus are superb characters, but to me, Lillian is a step down from Annabelle. You can tell the author just loves her though, because she has a big part of each book in this series. 

She’s bold and never tries to be anyone other than herself, which I just adore. A solid read.

This seems to be the fan favorite and I can see why. Evie is such a sweetheart and Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent, is such a jerk. It’s almost a Beauty and the Beast kind of thing. 

Her relatives mistreat her and the last straw is when they say she’s going to marry her cousin so they can steal her money. 

She escapes their clutches long enough to go to St. Vincent and ask him to marry her. He’s titled but broke and with her money he could live well once more. 

He agrees, and she doesn’t regret it. Anything has to be better than going back to her awful family. 

I love this one because we get to see St. Vincent slowly become a decent human being and Evie gains some confidence. Something I love about this book is that Evie stammers. And while it gets a bit better around her husband, it never goes away. 

Their love is adorable. This is one of my favorites in the series. 

Daisy is the younger sister of Lillian. She’s a dear sweet soul. She’d rather sit and read a wonderful book than try to catch a husband. 

Her father calls her something like a leech and tells her she’s going to marry a man of his choosing because no one of worth in English is going to want her.

Enter Matthew. He’s just a guy that her father took in and trained to run his company. In fact, he’s going to leave everything to Matthew, not caring about his own sons. 

Daisy nor her elder sister like his idea as they abhor him. But he’s not the man they remember and Daisy slowly falls in love with him. 

I relate to Daisy so much. Her family doesn’t quite understand her, the black sheep. She’s got such a big heart and never stops dreaming. 

I just loved seeing everything come together for these two, even after the plot twist about Matthew’s past. So good!