Monday, January 31, 2022

Music Monday - Imbolc + Rant (Sorry)

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I missed last week! Sorry! I’ve been having a tough time with my classes. I think my teacher hates me. He’s clearly a Christian guy. Which, before I go further, I am NOT hating on Christians. I don’t hate or judge anyone for their spiritual beliefs because it’s such a personal thing. 

At the start of the year, he talked about how God had a plan for all of us and he just knew it. Which is fine, that didn’t offend me personally, but it offended one of my classmates because they are atheistic. 

He’s been slowly showing his true colors more. I have a few classmates that use they/them pronouns and he always gets upset when we use them to refer to them. 

One day, one of those students was absent. We have a group chat and they’d told us they were taking a mental health day. So someone spoke up and said that they wouldn’t be there that day. 

The teacher got super upset and was like, “You mean SHE won’t be here. Because SHE is a SHE!” 

If I knew how to add an eye roll emoji here, I would (I’m on my laptop. Is that even a thing?) 

For a good few minutes, they went back and forth. It’s so stupid to me. What’s the big deal about calling someone what they prefer to be called? 

Not only that, but he spends more time flexing his website to us rather than teaching us. Like duh, bro, we really hope you’re better than us because you’ve been doing it for 20 years and we just started in August. 

In the group chat, we’ve talked about going to the staff at the office and talking to them. He’s new this year and you can tell that he’s just not teacher material. Which there’s nothing wrong with. I substituted for two years and I sucked. It was not for me. I don’t enjoy being in control like that. 

We’re going to meet after one student gets over Covid and figure out what to say. But being in Oklahoma, I doubt they will listen to a bunch of ‘liberals’* bringing up our concerns.  

One student has brought up that it’s against school policy to bring up religion all the time. So maybe we can work that angle? 

We’re all just exhausted by how he treats us. One time he even called us a bunch of babies because he wrote someone on the board that got most of the class chuckling. 

Wow. I did not mean for this post to turn into a whole rant about my teacher, haha. So Sorry!

ANYWAY. I wanted to mention that Tuesday is actually Imbolc. The Pagan holiday for welcoming the spring and the Goddess Brigid. I want to a do an actual post on it. Fingers crossed, I get to it! 

I hope you enjoy these songs. Forgive the rant. 

 I hope you have a great week! Covid is raging around these parts and yet no one cares. But I continue on wearing my KN95 mask to stay safe. I hope you're staying safe.  How's your life been going? Which song did you like best? Share with me below! See you next time little butterflies!

*I’m actually a moderate but I lean slightly more left but... if you ask my liberal partner I don’t swing left enough though so I rarely claim the title. lol.