Wednesday, April 27, 2022

3 Bite Sized Reviews!

Imogen, the Queen of Hearts, is known for taking the hearts of those who betray her, including her servants. Her king, Rav, ventures to the mortal world to lure in new prey to replace their dwindling help. One bite, one simple exchange of her blood is all it will take for a mortal to become one of them. And this time, Rav chooses a girl named Alice.


I love Alice in Wonderland retellings or even new takes on the mythos. My favorite take on the story has to be Splintered but let me tell you if this series keeps going the way it’s going, then Vampires in Wonderland is going to be right there beside it!!! I mean come on! Alice in Wonderland, with vampires mixed with Candace Robinson’s unique and imaginary storytelling, is a win-win! My only complaint is I wanted more.

This series by Amber R. Duell and Candace Robinson is one to watch!

**I was given this novel in exchange for an honest review** 

They ended their marriage, but they never fell out of love...

Law student Anita Virani hasn't seen her ex-husband since the ink dried on their divorce papers. Now she's agreed to pretend she's still married to Nikhil until his sister's wedding celebrations are over -- because her former mother-in-law neglected to tell her family of their split! The closeness they share during the marriage act gives Anita new insight into the man she once loved so deeply. And reignites Nikhil's feelings for her...

Book Breakdown

***I won this book through an Instagram live chat held by the author***

Let me state the obvious, I'm not usually into second chance romance. There are a few I like but the story has to be really good for me to enjoy it. By the rating, you can tell that this story is one of those few second chance romances that I actually enjoy!

If you're looking for a wonderful second chance diverse romance. You need this ASAP! You'll adore it!

I can't wait to read more by this author.

Two sisters. Two loves. And a secret that can destroy them both.

For years, Silver has used her magic to draw the same human soul, Keelen, from the afterlife and place him into a wax raven she created. Each visit, her impossible relationship with Keelen deepened, leading Silver to want more than friendship. Yet it isn’t until after Silver and her queen sister, Afton, are forced to defend themselves from an enemy king's guards, that Silver discovers a way to give Keelen human life and become Afton’s weapon.

Afton had never given her heart to another … until she met Ragan. Just when it seems she’s found true love, she must temporarily push her feelings aside and accept a betrothal contract from the enemy king to keep her territory safe. But when Afton uncovers a danger that threatens all she has built, the sisters must put a stop to it before everything they love, including their sisterly bond, shatters.

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I swear, if you’ve ever read a novel by Candace Robinson, then you know her style right off the bat! It’s so dark and twisted and yet romantic and swoon worthy. It’s such a delicious combo! This book follows that wonderful pattern yet adds such a wonderful sister relationship that reminds me so much of Frozen. I’ve been into books recently with families that truly care for one another and would do anything to save them and this story fits right in with that!

I honestly can’t help but wish I had that kind of relationship with anyone in my family. It’s unbelievably sweet. Plus, throw in the dark fantasy that this author’s known for and you have one heck of a wicked good novel! Loved this one!

***I received this novel in exchange for an honest review***

Well that's it for this one! Have you read any of these? If not, what are you currently reading? Let me know below and have a wonderful day!