Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Mid April Reading Update (Four Thousand Days, Manga, When He Was Wicked)

Since I've actually read a few books this month and the last part of March I actually have something to share with you! I'm as stunned as you are! 

Let's go! 

When I saw this floating around the blog world, it caught my eye. Mainly for the name Margaret Murray. If cause you know nothing about her, some say she’s the mother of witches and same say her work was discredited

Either way, she brought witchcraft into the mainstream during her time and she was a first wave feminist. So she was an important figure in history either way. 

So, I had to read this book! I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t what I hoped it would. The writing was a little weird to me and took me a bit to get into the story because of it. You can tell a man wrote it for sure. But once you get into the flow, it’s not so bad anymore. 

The story itself was pretty interesting, and I enjoyed the time because I’ve been into historical books as of late. I won’t give away any plot since this is a mystery and I hate when those get spoiled for me. 

Overall, a good book, but nothing out of the water.

I'm continuing with this series and still enjoying it so far! It's very fanciful and a bit like Twilight. I'm more eager to learn about Ren rather than the main vampire that I know our MC is gonna get with in the end. 

Now, I'm not going to talk a lot about this one because I do have a post about Bridgerton coming soon and my thoughts will be there. But I did like this one!

That's all for this wrap up! Tell me what you've been reading this month? Anything good? Let me know below and have a great day!