Monday, July 18, 2022

Update + Music Monday + Melon Pomona Recipe + Currently Reading

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Hello there! It’s been a full week since I posted and let me tell you, it’d been an insane week. I had to go to the ER on Wednesday and the phlebotomist there stuck me seven times, just trying to get an IV started. I’ve never seen such an incompetent person in my entire life. My left hand is still a giant bruise! The nurse and doctor were both great, at least. The nurse, especially, was so kind to me. He’s the one that finally took over for the phlebotomist and stuck me once and was done. 

My reaction to the one medicine I took is slowly going away. I still have a few minor issues from it, but I’m doing so much better on that front! 

But now, it turns out I have right maxillary sinusitis. I can’t catch a break right now. But I am at least feeling a little more human. Still super tired and my mental health isn’t the best right now, but I am at least in a better place today than I was last week. That’s what I’m trying to focus on.

School starts back for me in less than a month! Like where has the time gone?! I had so many plans and now time is ticking! I hope that once I recover I can get some good stuff done! 

It also doesn’t help that it’s been over 100 every single day here for like two weeks and there is no relief in sight! I’m the opposite of most people. I get seasonal depression in summer because it’s so hot and I’m trapped in the house. Winter is where I can be free and live! Which is why I really can’t wait to move more north and be able to have a more mild summer. 

That’s my dream! 

But enough of that! Let’s get to the music! I’m sharing two actual songs and one really nice and relaxing background reading music. 

Wait! That's not all! I also found this really cool summer drink recipe that I am in love with and wanted to share! I found this out of this world and easy to make recipe in The Magick of Food. I've not really mentioned a 'witchy' book recently so I thought I would spotlight this one I've been reading. 

The recipe is really easy!

Serves a bunch. Prep Time is 30 minutes or less.

2 medium melons (watermelon, honeydew, or cantaloupe 

3 tablespoons of lemon or line juice

4 tablespoons of sugar (or whatever sweetener you like) 

3 cups of tonic water (or Sprite works. But then don't add sugar.) 

Cut whichever melon you chose into cubes. Make sure you don't get any rind. Once that's done, you send them through the blender for about 30 seconds. I have a small blender, so I do this step a few times till I get all the cubes of melon. 

Now, I don't like pulp, even in my orange juice. So I strain the liquid through a cheesecloth and toss the pulp. If you want to keep it, that's alright. 

After that, you add the juice to the Sprite (or tonic water and sugar) and the lemon/lime juice into a punch bowl or large pitcher that's filled with ice and serve or enjoy right then and there by yourself! 

It's so refreshing and really screams summer to me. I have to make smaller batches so I don't end up drinking the whole thing in one day. 

This is a super long post! I don't know if I've ever added so many things to one post before haha! I hope you are doing well! Tell me if you try the drink, I want to know if you like it. Also, please don't forget to tell me which song you liked below! 

Lastly, I really want to know what you're reading. I've been stuck on the same book because of all the health issues and that sucks because I've got so many great library books I want to read! 

What I'm Reading

That's it for this post! I don't know if I'll have any new posts the rest of the week. It will depend on how I feel. I will be stopping by your blog when I get the chance this week. I swear! I miss seeing your great posts. Please just bear with me. 

Until next time, happy reading and stay safe and cool in this heat!