Review Policy

I'm accepting review requests. Any book I receive will go to the top of my to read list and I’ll get started on it. I read quickly but am currently taking some classes, so within two-three weeks it should be up. I only accept paper copies and MOBI for Kindle. My reviews are always my honest thoughts and opinions. If you wish to use any part of my review for publicity, please contact me.

Type of Books I Accept

1) Paranormal/Supernatural
2) Romance
3) Fantasy 

 I will not accept any request unless the novel has some kind of romance in it. It can be a subplot but if your story has no romance, I'm not the reviewer you're looking for.

Hard Limits:
If your book has cheating in it. You’re better off looking for another blogger. You’d be wasting your own time as I don’t like cheating and thus will give a critical review. Lastly and most important, I abhor drugs (I’m that weirdo that considers pot a drug), if your story paints any kind of drug in a good light, I will not finish reading it and rate it badly. But if your book is like Crank from Ellen Hopkins, I will probably love it. 

In The Mood:
Right now, I'm currently in love with historical romance. If you're looking for reviews for this genre then please contact me! 

Contact Me
If you are interested in me reviewing your work, please send me an e-mail at

-Carrie Scarlett Artrip-Sallie