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Mini ARC Review - The Hearth Witch's Kitchen Herbal: Culinary Herbs for Magic, Beauty, and Health

The Hearth Witch's Kitchen Herbal is an herbal with a difference—it shows how to use the herbs and spices most of us already have in our kitchens for home remedies, personal care, spiritual practice, and magic. The follow-up to the bestselling Hearth Witch's Compendium, this practical guide includes more than 150 recipes and highlights 23 plants, spices, and herbs. For each plant, you will discover magical correspondences, history and lore, culinary uses, cosmetic uses, medicinal uses, notes of caution, and recipes. From basil to black pepper and from compresses to cough drops, this comprehensive guide shares everything you need to know for living the hearth witch way. Mini Book Review   I love this! I own many books that deal with herbs and what you can do with them but done of them at actually go into the history of those herbs. I learned things about the herbs I love and use everyday that give them new context in my eyes. It also shows recipes for hair rinse, skincare items

The Duality of Nature Blog Tour + Giveaway

Monsters come in many forms, and not everyone knows a monster when they see one. After three hundred years of monstrous, feral elves plaguing the island nation of Selkirk, everyone believes they know what a monster is. Humans have learned to live with their savage neighbors, enacting a Clearing every four years to push the elves back from their borders. The system has worked for centuries, until after one such purge, a babe was found in the forest. As Tallis grows, she discovers she isn’t like everyone else. There is something a little different that makes people leery in her presence, and she only ever makes a handful of friends.  But when the elves gather their forces and emerge from the forests literally hissing Tallis’s name like a battle mantra, making friends is the least of her troubles. Tallis and her companions find themselves on an unwilling journey to not only clear her name, but to stop the elves from ravaging her homeland. Excerpt: Tallis’s mind was racing as they went. T

Mini Review - Lawbreaker

Reader Warning: You'll need to buckle up and load up on snacks and energy drinks, because this baby clocked in at 112,000 words. But the heartwarming story is filled with adventure, dry humor, quick-witted banter, a touch of mystery, and a hard-earned happily ever after. :) Lawbreaker is a standalone new adult romance in the Unbreakable series, coming September 17, 2018! Raised on the streets, Shay Morgan yearns for a real family, where love is unconditionally offered—even when trust doesn’t come easy. Before that day arrives, she trespasses and steals in order to provide for the few people who’ve gone out of their way to protect her. Born to privilege, Ben Bishop loathes his family for the despicable things they’ve done, and not done. He vows to be different, play by the rules, do the right thing. Building a thriving nightclub with those who share his values dominates his world. One explosive night at his bar, Loading Zone, changes everything. For both of them. Forever. A dance of

One Line Reviews (2)

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy your stay here.  This installment of One Line Reviews is mostly manga, it's just so hard for me to review manga without giving everything away so this is perfect for me. So let's jump into a few manga reviews.  This is really starting to kick off and get interesting but I still want more romance! Yona is really starting to come into her own and I love it! Blue Dragon appears! I want more romance! I love how the group is slowly coming together. I really love all these characters so much. The Green Dragon is pretty funny. I like him so far. This was one of the cutest and most angsty books I've ever read. Loved it!

The Mortician's Daughter: One Foot in the Grave - Mini Review

Her dad’s job is with the dead . . . and he’s bringing his work home with him. Once again, seventeen-year-old Riley Smith is the new kid in school and her dad’s career has her back to being dubbed a freak. Truth is, she’s a much bigger freak than her classmates think. The only company she keeps these days is the dead who follow Dad home from work. She can see them. She can speak to them. And Fate seems to think she can help them solve their last problems so that they can move on to the other side. Which is odd, because with the loss of her mother and her father’s alcoholism, she’s got enough problems of her own. But nothing could prepare her for the next tormented young spirit who darkens Riley’s door. The young woman’s death wasn’t the accident everyone believes. Soon Riley finds herself face-to-face with the killer and her only protection comes in the form of another spirit, Hayden, a boy her age with a heart-melting smile and understanding eyes that make her feel safe. If she can es

50/50 Friday - Most/Least Overrated Main Character

This meme is hosted here and over at Blue Eye Books . What is 50/50 Friday? Everyone has a favorite and then we also have something we dislike. Like a coin, there are two sides to every question. Example: best sequel you've read/worst sequel you've read. So that's what 50/50 Friday is all about. We will have a new topic every Friday. If you have have ideas for this meme don't be scared to let me know! Topic for the Week Most/Least Overrated Main Character So we've all been there, we're reading this book and we like it but just don't understand the whole hullabaloo about the main character. Everyone loves them but we just sit there on the fence, not in love with the MC but we don't hate her. We just think she's overrated. This guy who got his own book actually inspired this topic.... Most Overrated MC Chaol Westfall Everyone LOVES him, I don't get it. Sorry. Least Overrated MC  Katniss Everdeen Most everyone I know says that Katniss is sooooo over

Shadow Walker Blog Tour + Giveaway

Shadow Walker Anya J. Cosgrove Publication date: January 17th 2019 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance A newborn witch is rescued by two smoking-hot brothers. Can she unravel their dark secrets? Or will she lose her soul trying? Alana sucks at witchcraft. Healing, telepathy, seeing through illusions… she can’t master any of it. Sparring with the six-foot-three muscular Walker brothers doesn’t help her focus. Alana’s not about to let herself fall for a man—or a demon—especially not the ones that abducted her in an attempt to save her life. When a bitter demon learns of Alana’s existence, he’ll stop at nothing to possess her and drive a wedge between the two brothers. If Alana can’t learn to use her powers, she’ll die. If she can’t discern illusion from reality, she’ll lose her mind. Nothing stays black and white in a world full of shadows. Demons, witches, forbidden love… visit the otherworld today. Goodreads / Amazon Guest Post   Pick your perfect movie cast and share a funny writing s

December 2018 Wrap Up

Hello butterflies and welcome to the very last wrap up of 2018. I don't know about you, but I am so done with 2018. I'm going to make 2019 the best year ever. This will be my year. I'm excited for what is to come and I hope you feel the same! Now, let me just jump into this, shall I? Nana Volumes 1-10  I am loving this series! It's dark and gritty but still manages to make me smile and laugh. If you're 18 or older (it's rated mature) and like manga, I fully recommend this series!  These are indie self published novels that are VERY dark and I don't recommend them to everyone unless you like dark stories with a.... different takes on things.  I've used this the past two years for the moon signs throughout the year and I enjoy how easy and convenient it is to have. This is such a fun story so far and reminds me why I love C. S. Pacat.  I am loving this series so much! It's the perfect blend of paranormal romance.  This is an amazing series and if you&#

Shane and Trey (Free M/M E-Book) + Giveaway

Title: Shane and Trey Series: Enemies to Lovers (Book 1) Publisher: self-published Free for a limited time only: January 20th – 24th Length (Print & Ebook): 66000 words / 230 pages (print) Subgenre: Light hearted, sweet, new adult gay romance Tropes: enemies-to-lovers, sister's boyfriend, college, roommates, forced proximity, inconvenient attraction, first time, slow burn romance. Get this book now on Amazon ! Shane is a little bit screwed, he's just started college and stuck rooming with that bastard Trey. His sister's boyfriend. His sister's damn fine boyfriend. Uh-oh. This so wasn't going to happen. But try as he might, there's just a little too much to ignore between the two of them... Read what Anyta Sunday has to say about SHANE AND TREY: Enemies to Lovers - who doesn't love this trope?!? I really enjoy romances that pair guys that can't stand the sight of each other... but then, slowly, realize there's more to the other... My "Enemies

One Line Reviews - Manga Edition

Today I'm bringing you some awesome manga reviews. I hope to start Manga Monday again but I've yet to find a manga that has moved me that much that I write a whole review. So until then, enjoy these one liners.  Everyone seems to like everyone and why is Ren still on drugs?! So much angst! I'm simple, I see Gena Showalter, I click. The art is great and the story is awesome. Can't go wrong. * I was given this title from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. * * I was given this title in exchange for an honest review. * This was a cute little story and I love that it's manga! Romance and manga, two of my favorite things.

Pestilence (Four Horsemen #1)

They came to earth—Pestilence, War, Famine, Death—four horsemen riding their screaming steeds, racing to the corners of the world. Four horsemen with the power to destroy all of humanity. They came to earth, and they came to end us all.  When Pestilence comes for Sara Burn’s town, one thing is certain: everyone she knows and loves is marked for death. Unless, of course, the angelic-looking horseman is stopped, which is exactly what Sara has in mind when she shoots the unholy beast off his steed. Too bad no one told her Pestilence can’t be killed.  Now the horseman, very much alive and very pissed off, has taken her prisoner, and he’s eager to make her suffer. Only, the longer she’s with him, the more uncertain she is about his true feelings towards her … and hers towards him.  And now, well, Sara might still be able to save the world, but in order to do so, she'll have to sacrifice her heart in the process. Book Breakdown  Favorite Quote  “Getting angry at one of the horsemen of th

Snowed In - Book Blitz + Giveaway

Snowed In – Ross and Ashton J.V. Speyer Publication date: January 5th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance Massachusetts State Trooper Ross Huber is giving one last sweep of the roads before heading in for the night. The nor’easter hitting the Boston area is worse than expected by an order of magnitude, and the governor has just issued a travel ban. He finds a wrecked car half buried in a snowbank and rescues its human and canine occupants from carbon monoxide poisoning, but is forced to take shelter with them in a vacant or abandoned house when the roads are blocked. When he gets the victims indoors, he thinks the human looks uncomfortably familiar… Ash Machado has been through a lot in his career as a war correspondent. Sidelined by an injury, he’s returned to Boston to take up a job as a news anchor. After he loses control of his car on an icy road, he wakes up in an unfamiliar home, looking into the face of the guy who broke his heart in college. Neither Ross nor Ash a

50/50 Friday - Most/Least Shocking Plot Twist

This meme is hosted right here and over at Blue Eye Books   What is 50/50 Friday? Everyone has a favorite and then we also have something we dislike. Like a coin, there are two sides to every question. Example: best sequel you've read/worst sequel you've read. So that's what 50/50 Friday is all about. We will have a new topic every Friday. If you have have ideas for this meme don't be scared to let me know! Topic for the Week Most/Least Shocking Plot Twist This week's post will contain spoilers for the books Everything, Everything and Caraval, you've been warned.  So let's jump into the least shocking and save the best for last, aye? Awesome. Least Shocking You know that plot twist at the end that kind of throws the whole book into the ocean and just ruins? Yeah, that plot twist. Now, I'm being overdramatic here but that twist at the end I saw coming from a mile away and I just knew where it was going. So I wasn't shocked.  Most Shocking Now, there a

The Risk of Happiness Blog Tour + Giveaway

Bad boy punk rock star Reale Lynxx never expected to see his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Simmons, again. And after she'd stomped on his heart and walked out on him six years ago, he's not so sure he wants to. Certainly Reale never imagined he would rescue Amanda and her son, Johnny, from drowning. But all it takes is one evening with her and Reale is ready to leave the past behind and try again. Amanda never meant to hurt Reale and happily jumps heart-first into rebuilding their relationship. But when she confesses she left him to secretly raise their son, Reale grows livid, fighting her and gaining custody of Johnny...When Reale realizes he was wrong for taking Johnny away, he tries to win Amanda back. But can she forgive the man who took her son? And can she ever trust Reale again, no matter how much she loves him? Excerpt:  Reale winked. Damn, he was too happy.  Johnny was completely locked into his tablet. She had a strict, no-tablet-at-the-table rule, but right now she’d make an