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The Dragon CEO's Assistant Blitz + Giveaway

The heart remembers.

When Aidan Bishop staggers out of the woods, naked and suffering from amnesia, he needs to relearn who he is and where he fits in the world.

His boss, nearly five-hundred-year-old dragon Nassim, head of a successful tech company, hurries to claim his wayward assistant and guide him back into the life he disappeared from. As they get to know each other again, Aidan wonders if their relationship went deeper than employer and employee. But Nassim isn’t telling, and Aidan has a secret of his own… even if he doesn’t know it yet.


He pulled the computer onto his lap, lifted the lid, and pressed the power key.

Wonder of wonders, it had no password.

“Bad Past-Aidan,” he muttered. “But thank you.”

Getting into his mail was no problem. As he waited for it to load, he couldn’t help the wriggle of excitement. Maybe there’d be an email from the friend he met on Monday after work. A clue. Something to give him a hint.

His inbox was empty. So was his sent folder and his trash too. There was a single message in his spam, but even without his memory, he wasn’t dumb enough to think he was related to a Nigerian prince. He deleted it and closed the application.

He opened the internet browser. It had no bookmarks, no social media, no favorite sites. That was weird, right? People used bookmarks. He went into the browser’s history.

Aidan tilted his head to the side as he regarded the explicit picture he’d apparently viewed sometime recently. He could see all the different parts of the two men, but he wasn’t sure what belonged to whom. Shaking his head, he selected the next entry in the history, an article on a local newspaper’s site that talked about Tuninas Software’s latest acquisition. The details didn’t really mean much to Aidan, though he noted Nassim’s name appeared more than once.

The next entry in the history was porn again, this time a GIF. If the description on the web page was anything to go by, it was a GIF featuring a dragon pounding his massive erection into another guy’s ass. The bottom didn’t look like he minded one minute, and the dragon…

Looked kind of like Nassim.

It wasn’t, but the surface similarities were there—bronze skin, dark hair, intense eyes that flared with dragonfire. Sweat poured down the bottom’s face, and Aidan wondered if that was from exertion or the body temperature of the being behind him.

Whatever. The entire scenario was hot as fuck—the dazed, amazed, overwhelmed expression on the bottom’s face, the possessive glower on the dragon’s.

Well…that answered one thing. His attraction to Nassim was not new.

But that raised other questions, like why hadn’t he pursued anything before? Was it the boss-assistant thing? Probably. It was an imbalanced dynamic, and his current situation had made the power gap worse.

He should not be thinking about Nassim like this. No matter how badly he wanted to be in the bottom’s position, taking those powerful thrusts from a powerful creature. Aidan’s dick perked up at the thought. He needed to close the browser, and not watch it again.

But the dragon just kept going and going…

“Everything okay?”

Aidan slammed the laptop closed. “Yep!”

“You’re flushed.”

Oh shit. What if Nassim could smell arousal? Were dragons’ senses that sharp? “It’s, uh…kind of emotional. You know?”

“Sure.” Nassim’s face was mostly blank, and Aidan didn’t know what that meant. Did he know that Aidan’s dick was hard as a rock under the laptop or not?

Not. Please not.

Series: Golden Kingdom #2

Release Date: October 29, 2019

Subgenre: LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance


Mini Review 

Didn't know this was the second in the series but I didn't really get confused so that's good! The writing was fine and the pace was just right, it kept me wanting to read more without every dropping down and getting boring. I really don't know what to say other than this was a good read. It didn't blow my skirt up or impress me beyond belief but it was a fun short read that kept my attention. I'm glad I received an ARC so I could get into this world. I do think I will grab the first one because I am curious just what all happened.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jenn Burke has loved out-of-this-world romance since she first read about heroes and heroines kicking butt and falling in love as a preteen. Now that she’s an author, she couldn’t be happier to bring adventure, romance, and sexy times to her readers.

Jenn is the author of a number of paranormal and science fiction romance titles, including the critically acclaimed Chaos Station science fiction romance series (authored with Kelly Jensen) from Carina Press.

She’s been called a pocket-sized and puntastic Canadian on social media, and she’ll happily own that label. Jenn lives just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, with her husband and two kids, plus two dogs named after video game characters…because her geekiness knows no bounds.

Chakras: An Introduction to Using the Chakras for Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being - Mini ARC Review

Explore the power of the seven chakras in your own life

Chakras: An Introduction to Using the Chakras for Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Wellbeing is a simple, modern guide to chakras, offering insight into how they function and how to access their healing energies in your own life. These seemingly mystical energy meridians are key centers of energy in our bodies; tapping into their power can promote health and happiness, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Designed for complete beginners, this latest title in The Start Here Guide series is meant to be the first book you read on the subject. Chakras offers a simplified history of the chakras, their key areas of influence, and most importantly, how to work with the powerful energy flow in your own life.

Author Tori Hartman is a professional intuitive who has worked with chakra wisdom for years and is deeply familiar with the transformative power of chakra energies. Throughout the book, she will lead you through modern chakra practices and provide practical exercises that allow you to experience the chakras yourself. A thorough resources section provides beginners with all the information they need to learn more and to dive deeper into their study of the chakras. Chakras is a truly exceptional guide for any beginner.

Mini Book Breakdown

*Thanks to NetGalley for this title. I read and reviewed this title voluntarily* 

This is exactly what it claims to be. A beginners guide to the chakras. It's easy to follow, very informative. It gives exercises and journaling prompts to really help you connect to your seven powerhouses. It even lists a wee bit of history and some personal stories to help you better understand just what your chakras can do. My favorite part was the correspondences for each chakra, those will really come in handy for me! This is the perfect place to start if you're just looking into your chakras. Fully recommend!

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Music Monday - The Nightmare Before Christmas

This meme is hosted over at Always Me

My favorite Halloween movie ever. I do also consider it a Christmas movie but that's just me. 
Anyhoo, I wanted to share two songs from this movie for the last Halloween post. This year is just trucking by...

Fun fact: The Nightmare Before Christmas is going to be the theme of my wedding and the first dance will be to the second song shown here. See, told you I loved this movie. 

I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween! 

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The Merkabah Recruit Blitz + Giveaway

The Merkabah Recruit
L.Z. Marie
(Merkabah, #1)
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
A mystical shape. Three gruesome murders. One reluctant hero. And the only person able to prevent the next murder is an anxiety-prone recruit. Divorced and depressed, Daphne Sites is stunned to learn that a unique empathic ability allows her to identify otherworldly life. So when a secret organization asks for her help, it’s difficult to refuse.
Serik Jalani is the man who must convince the reluctant recruit to assume a chilling mantle of responsibility. There’s only one way to do this. Reel her in slowly. Except Daphne suspects Serik is not being entirely truthful. About the organization. The mission. And even his true identity.
As Daphne attempts to keep her new job secret from two sassy sisters, one jealous ex-husband, and a bimbo Barbie neighbor, she struggles to embrace the mysteries of a cosmic technology and realize her own self-worth.
If Daphne hopes to stop the next murder and stay alive, she must first confront her biggest problem. Herself.
The first in the Merkabah Series about a forbidden love that destroys an ancient legacy.
The series so far:
SJ’s fingers wrapped around my hand.
An energy pulse surged up my arm. I yanked my hand away, but the rolling wave of warmth went right to my heart and blossomed outward. I rubbed my hand, his touch still lingering on my skin like the faintest tickle.
“You felt it. Good.” He nodded, satisfied, as though I had passed a test. “Relax, Daphne. Look at the people. What do you see?” He pushed my Long Island Iced Tea towards me.
There were drunk people and desperate men and women laughing too loud and trying too hard to have fun. “What am I supposed to see?” I sipped the drink.
SJ’s lips twitched and his brow lifted. “You tell me.”
“I see people,” I shrugged.
“You see more than that.” His brown eyes twinkled from over the rim of his extra dirty martini.
“I see drunk people.”
SJ leaned close, his shoulder touching mine. “I know you sense the feelings and thoughts of others.”
My stomach flip-flopped. “Who are you?”
SJ tapped his chest, flashed his thousand-watt grin. “I’m your guide.”
“For what?” I sucked on the straw, tried to cool the embers burning in my belly. “Am I taking a trip?”
His forefinger made a little circle in the air. “You see a person’s true form.” SJ withdrew his accusing finger, speared his martini olive with the tiny plastic fork, and popped the olive in his mouth.
This conversation took a sharp left onto Creepy Town Road.
SJ was right about one thing though. I did need this drink. Maybe two.
“What do you mean?” I lifted the glass, drank down the sweet nectar as though it could help me deal with this. With him. With his knowing.
“You’re an empath with special skills.” SJ’s eyes seared like laser beams.
“An empath?” I pondered the ice cubes floating in my Long Island Iced Tea. Was he referring to my over-sensibilities about people? Referring to the bizarre impressions I get about someone? I never told anybody about that. People would think I was crazy. Once in while I let something slip to my sisters, who laughed and said I was weird. When I was a child, Mom accused me of having a fanciful imagination.
Slurp, swallow, repeat. The alcohol took the edge off my rising panic. I stared at my drink, the condensation on the glass as cold as the back of my neck.
SJ’s voice was low, its warmth encouraging and seducing. “An empath feels others’ emotions, but you do more than that. You detect people in their true form. The time has come to perfect this ability.”
I sensed his stare. Determined. Serious. Like a hot poker to my soul. I pretended fascination with the cocktail napkin. Confusion, curiosity, anxiety, and attraction swirled like a tornado around me. I didn’t dare make eye contact.
“We know you perceive strange creatures in human form.”
My heart jumped in my throat.

Author Bio:
LZ Marie writes paranormal romance with mystical sass. She uses another pen name for her historical fiction.
LZ lives in southern California and wishes she could get to the beach more often. She adores lattes, swimming, vacations, a great book, and hanging out with her very large family. A intriguing mystery-thriller, action-adventure, historical fiction, or urban fantasy will have her reading into the wee hours of the night.


Character Most/Least Likely to go on a Road Trip - 50/50 Friday

What is 50/50 Friday?
Everyone has a favorite and then we also have something we dislike. Like a coin, there are two sides to every question. Example: best sequel you've read/worst sequel you've read. So that's what 50/50 Friday is all about. I'll have a new topic every Friday. If you have have ideas for this meme don't be scared to let me know!

Topic for the Week
Character Most/Least Likely to go on a Road Trip

Most characters I think would be willing to go on a road trip because they're so much fun! I've always wanted to go on a road trip. Maybe one day...

Least Likely 
Avery Tullinger
She won't even step out of her house or drive down the street to the local coffee shop. She's not going on a road trip! 

Most Likely 
Damon - The Vampire Diaries 
I mean, he's always ready to have some fun! 

Topic for Next Week
Favorite/Least Favorite Horror Film
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Music Monday - Hocus Pocus

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So Halloween is my favorite time of the year. My house is always filled with Halloween stuff. So I wanted to share two songs to help you get into the Halloween spirit also!

Also who doesn't love Hocus Pocus?! I mean, it's freaking awesome! 

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Most/Least Descriptive Author - 50/50 Friday

What is 50/50 Friday?
Everyone has a favorite and then we also have something we dislike. Like a coin, there are two sides to every question. Example: best sequel you've read/worst sequel you've read. So that's what 50/50 Friday is all about. I'll have a new topic every Friday. If you have have ideas for this meme don't be scared to let me know!

Topic for the Week
Most/Least Descriptive Author 

This one is pretty easy for me. I had two in mind when I thought of this topic. Now, just because someone isn't as descriptive as another author doesn't mean their writing is bad. That's my opinion as I like both authors I'm going to name.  

Least Descriptive Author 
Ellen Schreiber (Vampire Kisses, Once in a Full Moon)
If you've read her work you'll see what I mean, she gives the bare bones to make the story move along at a fast pace. Never slowing down.

Most Descriptive Author
My sister actually hates her writing because it's just 'too much'. 

Topic for Next Week
Character Most/Least Likely to go on a Road Trip

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The Ravenous - Book Breakdown

From the outside, the Cane family looks like they have it all. A successful military father, a loving mother and five beautiful teenage daughters. But on the inside, life isn't quite so idyllic: the Cane sisters can barely stand each other, their father is always away, and their neglectful mother struggles with addiction and depression.

When their youngest and most beloved sister, Rose, dies in a tragic accident, Mona Cane and her sisters are devastated. And when she is brought back from the dead, they are relieved. But soon they discover that Rose must eat human flesh to survive, and when their mother abandons them, the sisters will find out just how far they'll go to keep their family together.

Book Breakdown 

Mona has 4 other sisters and they move a lot because her father is in the military and their mother is a terrible mother who drinks and doesn't take care of her kids when the father is gone. So Juliet, the oldest, has taken up the mantle of making sure the house runs smoothly. Though she can be rather cruel and she scares Mona.

On Rose's birthday, Juliet and their mother get into a fight and Rose ends up dying. What a birthday present right? Well, the mother brings her back with one rule, don't let her look into a mirror. Well, that fails and things get weird. Rose won't eat any food other than the pot-roast her mother made her.

When their mother vanishes and they find out the truth, that Rose needs human flesh... things go from weird and freaky to way into left field.

This is one messed up family! That's really what this comes down to. Okay, so this book does break my rules, it mentions drug use and our MC even does drugs once but I kept going and holy crap! I don't know who was scarier, Rose or Juliet... like sure Rose now has like a zombie demon living in her and she needs to eat human flesh but Juliet tries to kill her own damn sisters! And she enjoys it! That's scary.

This novel is perfect for the spooky time of the year so grab a copy and get to reading... just know you'll probably never look at pot-roast the same again.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Kingdom of Darkness and Light Cover Reveal

Kingdom of Crowns and Glory
(Kingdom of Darkness and Light, #1)
Publication date: December 18th 2019
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult
Fairytale heroes, but not as you remember them…
The age old tale of Good versus Evil comes to life in this epic boxset featuring only the heroes from your favorite fairytales.
Will light triumph over dark? Will the heroes beat the villains?
Be part of the battle and explore your favourite fairytales from different perspectives, in this one of a kind split fairytale anthology retelling collection.
This set by USA Today and Amazon Best Selling authors is like nothing you have never read before.
Paired up with The Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance boxset, you can now read the story from the perspective of both the heroes and villains. Come on a magical journey to see if good does always triumph over evil.
Stories included are:
The Little Mermaid Vs The Sea Witch
Snow White Vs The Evil Queen
Sleeping Beauty Vs Witch
Robin Hood Vs Sheriff
Alice Vs Queen of Hearts
Princess Vs Rumpelstiltskin
Peter Pan Vs Hook
Little Red Vs Wolf

Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance
(Kingdom of Darkness and Light, #2)
Publication date: December 18th 2019
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult
Fairytale villains, but not as you remember them…
The age old tale of Good versus Evil comes to life in this epic boxset featuring only the evil doers from your favorite fairytales.
Will light triumph over dark? Will the heroes beat the villains?
Be part of the battle and explore your favourite fairytales from different perspectives, in this one of a kind split fairytale anthology retelling collection.
This set by USA Today and Amazon Best Selling authors is like nothing you have never read before.
Paired up with The Kingdom of Crowns and Glory boxset, you can now read the story from the perspective of both the heroes and villains. Come on a magical journey to see if good does always triumph over evil.
Stories included are:
The Sea Witch VsThe Little Mermaid
The Evil Queen VsSnow White
Witch Vs Sleeping Beauty
Sheriff Vs Robin Hood
Queen of Hearts Vs Alice
Rumpelstiltskin Vs Princess
Hook V’s Peter Pan
Wolf Vs Little Red


Monday, October 14, 2019

Music & Manga Monday

This meme is hosted by Always Me

Since it's now October, we can jump into epic creepy music! So I hope you'll enjoy these amazing yet dark songs. My favorite kind of music personally. 

When a girl at Hinata Sorazono’s school is attacked by what seems to be a bloodsucking vampire, everyone is on edge and wonders who’s next. Hinata refuses to believe that vampires even exist, but then she meets her new neighbor, Junya Tokinaga, the author of an incredibly popular vampire romance novel. Dressed in a kimono with an old-world air about him, Junya has a taste of Hinata’s blood and tells her it’s sweet... Hinata can’t help but be drawn to Junya, but could it be that he’s actually a vampire—and worse yet, the culprit behind the attacks?!

My Thoughts

3 out of 5 Pink Sticky Stars

The art is stunning and what caught my eye at the library. But then I read that it had vampires! Huge bonus! That being said, nothing much happened. Some murders are going on and a vampire author who writes about his life moves in next door to our MC. She spends the whole book discovering what he is and it ends with what I think is them kissing. Kissing in this world is a contract. The human that entered into a contract with a vampire is kinda of screwed as now only they can feed the vampire. I really hope more will happen in the next installment.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

My Forever Plus-One - Mini Review

Evelyn is a woman who has everything--a successful career as a TV producer, and her best friend—sexy firefighter Owen Hanson—who looks mighty fine as her plus-one to awards dinners and backyard picnics. But something is missing and it’s not just the sex.

Owen Hanson is living the dream—a Chicago firefighter who volunteers at a youth center on the Southside and he’s got his best friend Evelyn—who knows him better than anyone. When Evelyn starts hinting about wanting something more, Owen panics.

Sex changes everything but taking their relationship to the next level surpasses even their wildest dreams. Until Evelyn’s ex-husband shows up and could make even the most perfect couple crash and burn...

My Thoughts

I don't usually like friends-to-lovers but this one is one of the few that I thought was cute! Owen and Evelyn have been friends for a while having bonded in a divorce support group. They really learned to lean on each other when needed and it's just adorable! They decide to take things further but can happily ever after happen when both of them have issues that haven't quite been resolved?

The writing is great, funny at times and had me smiling. No dull parts, the characters were great. This is a great book if you just want to lose yourself in an engaging novel to escape life. It will make you smile and laugh and there are even a few parts that will tug at your heart. A wonderful read.

***Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.***

Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Fallen Kingdom - A Very Late Mini Review


She’s on borrowed time…and she has only one chance to set things right.

Find life.

Deep in a forest, Aileana Kameron claws her way out of the earth. Back from the dead with no memory of who she is or what has happened to her, the Falconer now possesses even greater otherworldly powers and a ruthless instinct to kill—and the one piece of knowledge that can change everything.

Find Kiaran.

Two fae monarchs, Aithinne and Kadamach, stand on the brink of war, and according to an ancient curse, one must die at the hand of the other or all the worlds will perish. Once, Kadamach was known as Kiaran, and he was mentor, protector, and lover to Aileana. Now, under the grip of the curse, his better nature seems lost forever.

Find the book.

Aileana’s only hope lies in the legendary Book of Remembrance, a book of spells so powerful that it can break the fae curse and even turn back time. But the book has been lost for centuries, and many are looking for it, including its creator, the Morrigan—a faery of terrifying malevolence and cruelty.

Sacrifice everything.

To obtain the book and defeat the Morrigan, Aileana must form an unthinkable alliance, one that challenges every vow she has made to herself—even as the powers that brought her to life are slowly but surely killing her.

My Thoughts

I was given this book by NetGalley years ago and then I lost that copy and ended up buying one when I saw it was only $.99 on Kindle. I just wanted to be transparent with you.

Now, let me start off by saying... what in the world was I thinking?! I waited far too long before finishing this series. I originally stopped because there wasn't enough romance but I read some reviews when cleaning up my NetGalley that said the romance really increased throughout the series and it did!

The writing is great. The world is super cool! I mean, steampunk!!!! We don't get a lot of that. At least I don't find a lot of it and when I do it's usually stuff that just doesn't appeal to me. This is a little hidden gem that more people need to find and read because it's so good! The MC is kickass! A girl you can root for. I mean, what more could one want?

Friday, October 11, 2019

Favorite/Least Favorite Orange Book Cover - 50/50 Friday

What is 50/50 Friday?
Everyone has a favorite and then we also have something we dislike. Like a coin, there are two sides to every question. Example: best sequel you've read/worst sequel you've read. So that's what 50/50 Friday is all about. I'll have a new topic every Friday. If you have have ideas for this meme don't be scared to let me know!

Topic for the Week
Favorite/Least Favorite Orange Book Cover

It's that time of the year! The most wonderful time of the year! Spooky time! So I thought orange would be a good choice. Let's see what orange cover I love and which I don't. 

Least Favorite 
I mean... it's got a bug on it. I don't like bugs. Plus it's just very boring. A bright orange that kind of hurts my eyes with an ant on the cover. Not very intriguing. 

I just love the covers for the Throne of Glass series. Even though this is my least favorite in the series (that I've read) the cover is still awesome! 

Topic for Next Week
Most/Least Descriptive Author
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The Scrooge of Loon Lake - Mini Review

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

…with the grumpiest man in town!

The love of his life left him. The navy discharged him. So former lieutenant Des Gallagher sees no reason to celebrate Christmas—now or ever.

Yet when Natalie Pierce shows up on his doorstep, a bright light enters his gloomy existence. As Des shapes her—and her little son’s—world for the better, she wonders if a scrooge could turn into the perfect Santa…

My Thoughts 

Okay, so this is the first book I've read in this series but I'm pretty sure I could guess who the other couples are just by reading this one and I will admit I want to read the others now. The writing is great. Flows perfectly, just enough detail to paint a picture but not enough to slow down this short little romance. The characters are great, loved the banter! So all in all this book is great.

Now, let's get to what really got to me in this story. Sam. My daughter is non-verbal because of autism. We are working towards getting her a tablet just like Sam sometimes uses. So it really hit home with me. Sam getting upset because he can't express himself, how protective Natalie is of her son. I get it. All of it. I never thought I'd say something like this but I cared more about how Natalie and Des interacted with Sam. It just broke my heart in the best way possible to read this bit of stuff in the book.

Bottom line: I loved this little romance.

Thanks to NetGalley for this copy.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Whickering Place - Review

In this gripping follow-up to The Meadows, a woman trapped by her own fears inherits a house haunted by a legacy of darkness and a history of ritual sacrifices.

A violent attack that happened nearly a decade ago has left twenty-seven-year-old Avery Tullinger barely able to walk outside. Following her estranged father’s death, she inherits Whickering Place, a historic mansion in Asheville, North Carolina, currently occupied by two tenants: Colin Gallagher, a young doctor, and his mysterious brother, Pearse. Soon after moving in, Avery learns that her father’s life in the house was consumed by the supernatural … and the activity appears to be starting again.

As paranormal events within the house escalate, so does Avery’s attraction for Pearse, even though Colin warns her that his younger brother is involved in a dangerous cult called The Colony. Faced with losing Whickering Place, her heart, and even her life, Avery is forced to make unimaginable choices. And as Whickering Place becomes the focal point for The Colony’s bloody rituals, the house’s dark history threatens to repeat itself.

At turns a novel of terror and a story of love, Whickering Place is a paranormal thriller of nonstop suspense about the risks of living and loving outside safe boundaries and the relationships that change, motivate, and sustain us.
Book Breakdown

*I was given this novel in exchange for an honest review*

I didn't read the first one and wasn't lost at all, if you just wanted to read this one, you totally can. This story follows Avery and then sometimes switches to the demons in the attic but the only human we follow is Avery, who since her boyfriend was murdered in front of her, has become a recluse to her house. It's so sad to see her this way but I can relate to her fear of stepping outside the door since I live in a rough place. 

So the monsters in the house start to feed on her fear as The Colony sets their sight on her. I mean, everyone knows virgin blood is the best! Duh! But things go all wrong, she ends up falling for the wrong brother completely! But hey, she's not the sharpest tool in the toolshed but most people in horror novels aren't or it wouldn't work out very well. 

This was creepy in the beginning and then kinda turns into something different. It starts with a more haunted house horror story (Which are my favorite) that turns into vampires.... but not actual vampires, humans that drink blood...

I loved the writing and the flow of the novel was never boring at all. The characters are well developed and it's a good horror story, what more can I say?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Book Witch Blitz + Giveaway

The Book Witch 
Desy Smith
(Rosewood, #2)
Publication date: October 4th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
There are no bodies to bury, no graves with marked tombstones.
There are only three books, each one belonging to a member of the Rosewood family. There is only one reason for the books to be gathered all in one place—the witches who once owned them are dead.
Sage Rosewood is now the last of her line, a burden nearly as heavy as her grief.
Kayden, the charismatic werewolf who holds her heart, tries to console her, but there is only so much his warm arms and gentle words can do when her heart aches for vengeance. She wants nothing more than to find the people who killed her family, to dispatch justice, and to bring the bodies of her loved ones home.
Walk alongside Sage in this tale of magic, mystery, and vengeance. Every chapter will leave you spellbound.
“Who are you meeting?” Kayden questions from behind me, causing me to jump. How can someone so big, move around so quietly? “At the Mango Cafe, because it definitely isn’t your grandmother.” He tries to look at the laptop screen, but I shut it. “Who are you meeting?” He asks again, his voice more serious than before.
“Just a friend,” I respond with a lie, as I make my way back to the kitchen, and blow out the sage. I check the water on the stove, that’s now boiling, perfect. I turn the stove off and pour the water inside of my cauldron. When making spells, one should always start with fresh boiled water, from a pot, not the cauldron, I learned that the hard way.
I didn’t like lying to Kayden, honestly it felt strange, and I didn’t understand why. I would lie to my mom all the time and feel great, but with him, it makes me feel weird. I wonder if that had anything to do with me wanting to jump his bones. Anyway, if I told him the truth, he’d find some way to stop me or invite himself along, and I couldn’t have either of those. I had to do this myself. I would be the one to avenge them alone. I’m a Rosewood for freaking sake.
“You’re lying, who are you really meeting with Sage?” Kayden asks me again, as I reach for my dry ingredients, and begin cutting them into the cauldron. Due to the material the cauldron is made of, it’s the perfect vessel to combine and mix the ingredients in for any spell.
“I told you, a friend,” I lie again. “Don’t do whatever you think you’re going to do, we have laws here in the Woodlands, and The Guild would come down on you, or kill you,” Kayden warns. I would get my revenge and if I lost my life in the process, so be it.
“Good thing I’m just meeting a friend, huh,” I tell him as I lean in with the intention of kissing him again, to change this topic.
“I didn’t think I would be kissed twice, in the same night…” he trails off, as he leans in for the kiss, but pauses as his eyes glow. I know his wolf is present. Kayden moves his head backwards, making me extend my head forward.

Author Bio:
Desy Smith, MFA, is a paranormal romance author and English teacher who is on a mission to expand her readers' minds and create unique worlds that they can escape to through the power of storytelling. Her poignant writing style features sassy heroines, urban drama, angels, wolves, demons, witches, and sensual scenes.
Born, raised and based in Dallas, Desy spent most of her childhood picking apart movies and books. Her mother and her affinity for all things supernatural also really drove Desy to dabble in life's unknowns and use her imagination. Ultimately, this led her to writing stories of her own at just 10 years of age. After her release of "The Talented (The Messenger Series)" this February, she will be working on book number three, and plans on writing until her last breath.
Currently, Desy is the Founder of Floebe Publishing, where she publishes her own and other writers' short stories (of 20,000 words max) with the busy reader in mind. She also provides complimentary creative writing advice to her fellow word weavers.
When she doesn't have a pen or book in hand, Desy Smith is a movie buff and foodie with an unquenchable sweet tooth (having a gluten allergy makes things a bit tricky). She also isn't much of a whistler and has a round face (people like pinching her cheeks any chance they get). With her "carpe diem" mindset towards life, she looks forward to exposing her readers to realms unseen.


Monday, October 7, 2019

Music Monday - Rock Songs I'm Loving

This meme is hosted over at Always Me

I don't share a lot of rock songs really and that's weird because it's my favorite genre. So today let's change that! I'm going to share two rock songs that I've been loving lately. 

I was so sad when I heard that Adam had left Three Days Grace because it was his voice that kept me loving the band, so I was beyond excited when I found out he was in a new band. This single is my favorite from Saint Asonia so far!

Skillet is hit and miss for me. Some of their stuff I love while some just is too heavy handed. This song I do love.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Book Cover Spotlight

This meme is hosted over at Rabbit Ear Book Blog

The rules are simple! Just show off a book cover that you really love! It's fine if you haven't read the book just as long as you like the cover! 

This cover is from an older YA series... back when I loved YA more than anything. I just love the icy tone to her skin and all the stunning purple! I hated when they redid these covers. They weren't even half as awesome afterward. 

September 2019 Wrap Up

I read 15 books this month. Which is really great for me! Most of them were really good books! A few were kinda bad... with one DNF hanging out in the mix as well. So little butterflies let's just get into this! 






The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2)

Veiled By Desire (Laith, #2)



The Bet (The Bet, #1)

Roommates (Soulmates, #1)

Hate Notes

Filthy Gods (American Gods, #0.5)

Driven (Driven, #1)

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me


Boys of Brayshaw High (Brayshaw, #1)


Fence, Vol. 3 (Fence, #9-12)

Lost Children Archive

What did you read last month? Have you read any of these? Well, I hope October is great reading month for all!