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Goodreads - My Year in Review

  At the time this came out I've read 206 books and 51,115 pages. So that's pretty dang good for me! I always have a personal goal of reading 200 books or more. So I made that goal for 2020! 

Best Books of 2020

 2020 has been the worst of my life. I don't just say that because of the pandemic. Lots of terrible things have happened. So that would make sense that since my mindset hasn't been the best, the stuff I've read I've not given the best ratings. So I only have nine books that I felt deserved to be on this list. But anyway, let's just jump into this list! 

Merry Christmas!

  Even though this Christmas may be different, I still hope this post finds you well. I hope that you enjoy this day to the fullest, even if that means Zoom calls with your family instead of a large gathering. Hopefully, things will all be back to normal next year, and 2020 will be nothing but a tiny blimp in the review mirror.  This Christmas will be the same as always for my family. My partner's grandmama and step-grandpapa will come over, and I'll make the dinner. Next year, I'm hoping I'll be able to see my family for once. This year has taught me to really value the people in my life now because they could be gone tomorrow. I hope you're getting some reading done and maybe sitting by a fireplace enjoying the sounds and smells. Or, if you're like me, using your TV as a fireplace.  Since I've been OBSESSED with Outlander recently, I've been watching the Yule Log videos to read and relax. Sure, I don't get that wonderful fire smell, but I can enjoy

2 Dark Manga Reviews

A WITCH'S CURSE Guideau: a feral girl with long fangs and the eyes of a beast. Ashaf: a soft-spoken man with delicate features and a coffin strapped to his back. This ominous pair appears one day in a town that's in thrall to a witch, who has convinced the townsfolk she's their hero. But Ashaf and Guideau know better. They have scores to settle, and they won't hesitate to remove anyone in their way...

Music Monday - Lindsey Stirling Christmas

This meme is hosted over at Always Me Every year I pull out Warmer in the Winter and play it so much my partner wants to throw the CD out the window by the time January comes. But I just love her style so much! So I'll be sharing two of my favorites. Hope you enjoy! Have a great week and stay safe little butterfly! 

December Reading Update

  Hello, Butterflies! I hope your month is going well. I hope you're reading lots of great books, staying safe, and enjoying the most wonderful time of the year. Well... as much as one can during this pandemic. At least there is hope! A vaccine is slowly rolling out! Hopefully, by this time next year, we will go back to normal! Won't that be amazing! I know the first thing I want to do is go and visit my family. Then start planning a trip to Scotland. What about you? What's the first thing you want to do when it's safe again?

In Order to Live - Book Talk

Human rights activist Park, who fled North Korea with her mother in 2007 at age 13 and eventually made it to South Korea two years later after a harrowing ordeal, recognized that in order to be "completely free," she had to confront the truth of her past. It is an ugly, shameful story of being sold with her mother into slave marriages by Chinese brokers, and although she at first tried to hide the painful details when blending into South Korean society, she realized how her survival story could inspire others. Moreover, her sister had also escaped earlier and had vanished into China for years, prompting the author to go public with her story in the hope of finding her sister.

Music Monday - Celtic Woman Christmas

This meme is hosted over at Always Me   More Christmas music! It's one of the best things about this time of the year! It's always so upbeat and feels me with warmth.  Today I'm sharing two songs from Celtic Woman. If you've never listened to their stuff you're going to love this! Hope you enjoyed! Have a safe and happy week! 

Travel - Singapore

In January 2013, I got to spend 11 days in a wonderful place called Singapore. If you love the city, you'll love this country! It's small but so jammed packed full of amazing things to do! It's the second safest country in the world to live in! It's also been voted as the fourth safest place to live during this pandemic. The regular citizens aren't allowed to own guns but I'd never felt so safe in my life. I even went walking by myself around midnight and never once looked over my shoulder worried some creep was following me.  Singapore is rated as the 11th most beautiful city in the world in 2019. Which is well deserved! It's also the cleanest place I've ever visited. I swear the sidewalks were cleaner than some of the Walmart floors I've seen here in the states. Hell, even some restaurants around here are much dirtier than Singapore roads.

December TBR

 I don't normally make these kinds of posts because I'm a mood reader. But ever since my father passed away in August, I've not been reading like I should. It just doesn't do it for me like it before. Sorry, I won't go any further into that. Point is, I want to push myself to read more, hoping it gets me back on track. So without further ado my little butterflies! Let's get to the books I want to read this month! 

Music Monday - Pop Christmas

This meme is hosted over at Always Me It's that time of the year butterflies! Christmas is upon us! While it's going to be much different for most of us, we should still enjoy it as much as we can! This year has taught me that every single day counts and to make the best of it.  So now I'm going to share two cute Christmas pop songs! Hope you enjoy!   

HUGE Book Haul

 So I asked you guys on Twitter if you wanted to see a book haul and you said yes. I don't usually do these kinds of posts because I know it can make some feel felt out and sad when they can't afford to buy new books, which I completely understand! So I will NOT be making this a normal thing on the blog unless you want me to.  I also wanted to point out that only a handful of these books are new. I hate paying full price for just about everything and that includes books. That being said, I've VERY picky when it comes to the condition of my books. They have to be like new or better. I just can't handle books with bent spines. I once bent a spine by accident and ended up selling that book just to buy another copy where the spine was perfect. Yes, I'm THAT person with it comes to my books.  If you'd like to know where I get my books let me know and I could make a post about it. 

Shine by Jessica Jung - Review

A Korean American teen is thrust into the competitive, technicolor world of K-pop, from Jessica Jung, K-pop legend and former lead singer of Girls Generation. What would you give for a chance to live your dreams? For seventeen-year-old Korean American Rachel Kim, the answer is almost everything. Six years ago, she was recruited by DB Entertainment—one of Seoul’s largest K-pop labels, known for churning out some of the world’s most popular stars. The rules are simple: Train 24/7. Be perfect. Don’t date. Easy right? Not so much. As the dark scandals of an industry bent on controlling and commodifying beautiful girls begin to bubble up, Rachel wonders if she’s strong enough to be a winner, or if she’ll end up crushed… Especially when she begins to develop feelings for K-pop star and DB golden boy Jason Lee. It’s not just that he’s charming, sexy, and ridiculously talented. He’s also the first person who really understands how badly she wants her star to rise.

Whisper Me A Love Song - Manga Monday

  An adorable new yuri manga for fans of Kase-san and Yamada and Bloom Into You. One day, high school girl Himari sees a girl, Yori, sing in a band, and it awakens feelings she doesn't understand... but Yori does! Bubbly, energetic first-year high school student Himari falls head over heels for her senpai Yori after hearing her band perform on the first day of school. Himari tells Yori she just loves her, and, to Himari's surprise, Yori says she loves Himari back! But when Himari realizes that she and her senpai are feeling two different kinds of love, she begins to ask herself what "love" really means... Manga Breakdown I hate to admit this but I've never read an f/f manga. I know! What took me so long! So I set out to change that by picking up this Yuri (what the Japanese call f/f manga) book and give it a go! It's cute and follows our two girls: Himari and Yori when they first meet each other and from there the story goes on. The art is stunning, a little b

Video Game Nonesense - Urbz: Sims in the City

The Sims have moved to the City where there's always action and where reputation means everything. In the Urbz: Sims in the City, you can go to work at such locations as the Sushi Bar, Chop Shop, or Bootleg Fireworks, Inc. Success at work brings promotions, access to new power socials, and gear to influence your new lifestyle. It's up to you whether your Urbz become big-time players on the street or are lost in the crowd. It's all about reputation as The Urbz are living the dream in a City that never sleeps. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This was a game I played as a little one back in the day. It was released holiday 2004 and I didn't get it till around 2007 when I saw my friend playing on her Game Boy Advance. My parents ended up getting me a DS and I played that version of the game. Which isn't much different. This was the first time I ever got to play the Sims but not the first I'd heard of them. I'd had a friend three years older who had go

Music Monday - Icon for Hire

This meme is hosted at Always Me How is everyone doing this week? I've been so busy with my new seasonal job that I've not been really doing anything but working and sleeping. To go from being a stay at home mummy to 40 hour week was a little rough on my body but I'm slowly adjusting. Thanksgiving is this week! I hope you're all going to stay safe and sound. This will be my first Thanksgiving without my father so I'm going to try extra hard to make it special for my mum and sister. Wish me luck!  I hope you enjoy these two songs by one of my favorite bands, Icon for Hire. They've been having some new stuff come out and so far I've liked most of it. I'm not the biggest fan of seeds because I just don't like how they choose to do the word seeds and how it fits with the music, plus it reminds me a lot of BMTH with Kick Me When I'm Down. That's just me, it's still a decent song, just not one I'll replay a lot. I do love that the two of th

3 Mini NetGalley Reviews ( Memory Lane, Insatiable Hunger, & The Haunting of Beatrix Greene)

Beatrix Greene has made a name for herself in Victorian England as a reputable spiritual medium, but she’s a fraud: even she knows ghosts aren’t real. But when she’s offered a lucrative job by James Walker—a scientist notorious for discrediting pretenders like her—Beatrix takes the risk of a lifetime. If her séance at the infamously haunted Ashbury Manor fools him, she will finally have true financial freedom. If she fails, her secret will become her public shame. But James has his own dark secrets, and he believes only a true medium can put them to rest. When Beatrix’s séance awakens her real gift—and with it, a vengeful spirit—James finds that the answers he seeks are more dangerous than he could have imagined. Together, with a group of supernatural sleuths, Beatrix and James race to settle the ghost’s unrest before it strikes— or else they might not make it out of the haunted manor alive. New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hawkins, along with Ash Parsons and Vicky Alvear Shect

A Five Star and One Star Review

A Sensual, Powerful, And Thought Provoking Tarzan Retelling Eden Matthews stumbled upon the discovery of a lifetime while photographing wildlife deep in the heart of Africa… A gorgeous god of a man living in the wilds of the African jungle among a family of gorillas… When he saves her life she’s compelled to uncover the man’s tragic past and the fate which led him to grow up in the wild. But Eden soon learns she can take man from the wild, but she can’t take the wild out of the man… When her savage savior soon shows her just want he wants of her…her sensual surrender, she finds she can’t resist him teaching her how to love…in the wild. Mini Book Breakdown So.... no. I didn't like this one. The writing was great. It flowed perfectly, I never had to stop and wonder what I'd just read. But what got me was the story itself... insta-love, magic caves, and really not much character development. This was basically a worse version of the Disney movie but with sex and weird magic stuff.

Amazon's Censorship

 If you've been around my blog long enough, you'll know that I hate censorship! I believe that we have the right to express our artistic views however we wish. It should be a personal choice or a parent's choice for their child. But a company making my choices for me? Or a book reviewer who didn't like a book getting the choice of deciding if that book is now even going to be published? NOPE!     But we're not talking about a person today. We are talking about the company. Not just any company; Amazon.     Yes, I know that they are allowed to sell or not sell whatever the heck they want and we can shop somewhere else.     BUT    Where does it end? And is this the start of something? Also, if big companies start censoring things, it makes them harder to find and thus the creator might not be able to continue doing what they love if not enough people know about it and support it. Lastly, why is it only certain titles that get this treatment?   What started this was a

Music Monday - She Wants Revenge

  This meme is hosted over at Always Me      If you've been around here long enough, you'll know how much I love goth music. The themes just speak to my little black heart. So I wanted to share two of my favorites with you today. I hope you had a great weekend and stayed safe! Without further ado, let's get to the tunes!       So what did you think? Let me know below! Have a great week! Happy Reading!

3 NetGalley Manga Reviews (Bleach, RWBY, and Fly Me to the Moon)

     First comes marriage, then comes an earthbound love that is out of this world!      From the day his parents named him, Nasa Yuzaki has been destined for outer space…or so he believes. But while trying to join the space program, he is thrown for a loop when an accident introduces him to Tsukasa, a mysterious girl with strange powers. Is she an alien, a moon goddess or something else? Since she insists on marrying him, Nasa has plenty of chances to find out! Mini Manga Breakdown      A cute romance manga? YES PLEASE! The art is so pretty. I do feel the beginning is a little jarring... like it just throws the reader into the story and I wasn't sure if I'd missed something or not. Once, I caught on, it was great and the story is cute. Can't wait to read more!                Hisagi must throw himself into a new fight as the mystery that Kaname Tōsen left behind resurfaces. The story reveals more details about the four Noble Houses, the Soul King, Arrancar and Fullbringers.

Music Monday - SKÁLD

  This meme is hosted over at Always Me      Today I thought I'd share two new songs by one of my favorite groups! It's epic viking music. One is soft and the other makes you want to grab an axe and find the nearest boat to hope aboard for an epic adventure.     I hope these songs find you happy and safe. Have a great week my friends. Let me know which was your favorite of the two below.

Daughters Unto Devils By Amy Lukavics - Book Breakdown

God bless the little children When sixteen-year-old Amanda Verner's family decides to move from their small mountain cabin to the vast prairie, she hopes it is her chance for a fresh start. She can leave behind the memory of the past winter; of her sickly Ma giving birth to a baby sister who cries endlessly; of the terrifying visions she saw as her sanity began to slip, the victim of cabin fever; and most of all, the memories of the boy she has been secretly meeting with as a distraction from her pain. The boy whose baby she now carries. When the Verners arrive at their new home, a large cabin abandoned by its previous owners, they discover the inside covered in blood. And as the days pass, it is obvious to Amanda that something isn't right on the prairie. She's heard stories of lands being tainted by evil, of men losing their minds and killing their families, and there is something strange about the doctor and his son who live in the woods on the edge of the prairie

Werewolf Magick: Authentic Practical Lycanthropy - Book Breakdown

       Unleash the wolf within you with the help of this empowering guide to lycanthropic magic. Denny Sargent shows you how to improve your confidence, authenticity, and personal power using werewolf rituals, spells, meditations, folklore, and more.     Werewolf Magick teaches you to shed the restrictive bindings of the modern world and answer the call of your feral side. Once you embrace the wolf within, you'll transform into your fearless animal self and enjoy a more honest, primal, and intuitive way of being. Explore the modalities and invocations of werewolf magick. Discover shamanic shapeshifting, wolf deities and spirits, and werewolf herbalism. This book reveals deep secrets of primal magick and encourages you to awaken your full potential. Book Breakdown       Thanks to NetGalley for this title in exchange for an honest review      You ever finish a book, close the page and place it on the shelf, and think to yourself, you know, I'm glad I read that book but it wasn

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Mini Review

      The iconic anthology series of horror tales that's now a feature film!      This is a new edition of the complete original book. Stephen Gammell’s artwork from the original  Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark  appears in all its spooky glory. Read if you dare!      Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark  is a timeless collection of chillingly scary tales and legends, in which folklorist Alvin Schwartz offers up some of the most alarming tales of horror, dark revenge, and supernatural events of all time. Mini Book Breakdown      Full of cute little stories that would have freaked me out as a little one. As an adult, they aren't scary at all, naturally. But most are still entertaining, and I read the whole book in one sitting. As a child, my father would tell me this scary story about the "vindow viper' I never knew where he'd heard the story, but it creeped me out! It was in this book! My father never read, and he was most older than this book. It was still cool to

Music Monday - Vampyr Soundtrack

This meme is hosted over at Always Me       So Playstation Plus members always get two free games every month. This month one of the options was the game Vampyr. I've wanted to play this game since it came in 2018 but never got the chance. When my partner saw it was free... he got it for me. I am in LOVE with this game. I can't stop playing it. I even dreamed about it once night I'm that obsessed!      I'm only going to share one thing today but it's over an hour long so it more than makes up for it. If you like Peter Grundy or darker instrumental music; you'll love this! It's so great for this time of year!      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       Well, that's it for this post! Hope you have a safe and happy week! Until next time, happy reading!

Watch Her Vanish (Rockwell and Decker #1) by Ellery A. Kane - Mini Book Breakdown

       Fear hits her like a wave crashing against the sheer cliffs nearby. She sees the woman’s feet first, then the legs bent like broken driftwood. Then, the blouse strewn open; the marks on her beautiful neck. Her knees buckle as a hand grabs her elbow to break her fall.      Forced home to Fog Harbor, California, to look after her little sister, Criminal Psychologist Olivia Rockwell is struggling to adjust to life in a town so small she can hardly breathe. Until, at church one morning, the sound of a scream leads her to the body of a missing local teacher in the shallows nearby. All the evidence points to Olivia’s most threatening patient, Drake, who is safely locked up behind bars…      Convinced of Drake’s innocence—and desperate to believe in the system that’s keeping her own murderer father behind bars—Olivia gets to work on her own suspect list. All her life she’s run towards trouble, but this time she’s treading on the toes of brooding and handsome Detective Will Decker.     

Gotham High By Melissa de la Cruz - Book Breakdown

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Alex and Eliza and The Witches of East End comes a reimagining of Gotham for a new generation of readers. Before they became Batman, Catwoman, and The Joker, Bruce, Selina, and Jack were high schoolers who would do whatever it took--even destroy the ones they love--to satisfy their own motives. After being kicked out of his boarding school, 16-year-old Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City to find that nothing is as he left it. What once was his family home is now an empty husk, lonely but haunted by the memory of his parents' murder. Selina Kyle, once the innocent girl next door, now rules over Gotham High School with a dangerous flair, aided by the class clown, Jack Napier. When a kidnapping rattles the school, Bruce seeks answers as the dark and troubled knight--but is he actually the pawn? Nothing is ever as it seems, especially at Gotham High, where the parties and romances are of the highest stakes ... and where everyone is

Music Monday - Demos + New Episode of Kouples Korner!

  This meme is hosted over at Always Me      Alright! I've been lurking in the deep parts of YouTube recently and found some awesome songs that never made it out into the public. Which is tragic as these are some great songs! Or there is one that was given to another artist instead and made into almost completely different song. I wanted to share two of those with you today!               Well, that's all for Music Monday this week! I hope you enjoyed these two songs! Lastly, I just wanted to say that the new episode of Kouples Korner is up! We're talking about a horror film since it's the month of October!             Well, that's it for this post! Have a great week! 

ScreamAThon TBR

       ScreamAThon is a book reading challenge that takes place during October 1st -31st. Here's the link if you wanna know more. The goal is to try and get a bingo by the end of the month or if you really wanna be a crazy reader, blackout the whole board!       I know there's no way I can blackout the board so I've chosen a route to get a bingo and just leave it at that. I'll still be winning and having a blast!      Sidney Prescott: The Final Girl - Slasher Novel     Don't Blame the Movies - Book to Movie Adaptation      FREE SPACE!     Joel the Camera Man - Contemporary     Maureen Prescott - Paranormal Book     My goal will be to read one book per week, which should be very easy if I pace myself well. None of the books are too long and they're all ones I've been wanting to read for a while I haven't gotten to do so.      So I'm excited to get to reading these! Not only do I love October for its spooky time and horror movies and books: the weathe

Forbidden Lust (Dynasties: Seven Sins #2) - NetGalley Review

  Feel the drama and passion in the Dynasties: Seven Sins series! Next stop, paradise—With the man of her forbidden fantasies? Giving in to desire with her brother’s best friend… A secluded island resort is the perfect romantic setting for the night of passionate abandon Allison Randall plans to share with Zane Patterson. Her elder brother’s best friend has always been off-limits…and Zane is determined to keep it that way. But when a storm strands them together, neither can hold back. Everything Allison dreamed of is finally in reach…until unwelcome revelations threaten a rude awakening! Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite. One man’s betrayal can destroy generations. Fifteen years ago, a hedge-fund hotshot vanished with billions, leaving the high-powered families of Falling Brook changed forever. Now seven heirs, shaped by his betrayal, must reckon with the sins of the past. Passion may be their only path to redemption. Experience all Se

Music Monday - Ava Max

  This meme is hosted over at Always Me     Okay, I have a lot of music to catch up on and no idea where to start. To choose, I just closed my eyes and clicked a random YouTube video in my Music Monday playlist. So today is Ava Max: she just recently dropped her debut album and it's... not bad. There are three songs that I really enjoy. While the rest are alright but nothing special in my opinion.       They've got some great beats. Rumors is a superb dance track and Belladonna is dark and inviting. Enough talking! Let's just jump into these two songs, shall we?      That's a wrap for this week! I hope you're all doing great and staying safe! Until next time, happy reading little butterflies! 

Second Episode of Kouples Korner, My Partner Has a Short Film, & A Cookbook Review

       Another long post but I just wanted to add a few things onto this one. First off, my partner got one of his shorts filmed! It's about ten minutes long and it turned out pretty dang well! He's very proud but says it also feels very surreal. I hope this is the start of something great for him!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      Another thing I wanted to add; the second episode of Kouples Korner is now live! We were a little excited and recorded another one. But after spending all day editing, we are going to stick to once a week, only on Friday's schedule. Editing really takes a lot of time! My eyes were so blurry by the time I finished that I walked into the kitchen counter.... yeah. I'll take more breaks for next week's episode. You can listen to the Youtube video or click the link HERE to find it on your favorite podcast site. I usually listen through Apple Podcasts myself. Please enjoy! This one turned out a whole lot better!  ~~~~~~~~~~