Monday, August 31, 2020

Music Monday - SuperM

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This share some fun K-Pop today! This is one of the only K-Pop groups I keep up with these days as I'm a second generation girl. But this group is fun and one song is in English. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Resident Evil Zero Hour -Mini Book Breakdown

Sent to investigate a series of grisly murders in Raccoon City, S.T.A.R.S Bravo Team scrambles into action.




Following a helicopter crash, the team stumble across a gruesome sight: an overturned military transport truck riddled with corpses - and that’s only the beginning of their nightmare. As evil grows around them, rookie member Rebecca Chambers wonders what she’s gotten herself into.


Book Breakdown

I've talked about the video game series but not the books. So let's change that! I wanted to read a darker novel and so I decided to go through this series again. This book is the novel version of the game Resident Evil Zero. 

We follow Rebecca and Billy as they try to survive all the crazy things that have gotten loose in the forest of Raccoon City and beyond. It's a thrill ride, you never know when a zombie is going to pop out and attack one of them. I loved reading about the places or puzzles that I've played through a thousand times.

It's not a long book and I won't lie, I miss dialogue, because that's my favorite part of a story. But there's so much action that the book never gets dull. A fun read!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Fangs by Sarah Andersen - Graphic Novel Review

A love story between a vampire and a werewolf by the creator of the enormously popular Sarah's Scribbles comics.

Elsie the vampire is three hundred years old, but in all that time, she has never met her match. This all changes one night in a bar when she meets Jimmy, a charming werewolf with a wry sense of humor and a fondness for running wild during the full moon. Together they enjoy horror films and scary novels, shady strolls, fine dining (though never with garlic), and a genuine fondness for each other’s unusual habits, macabre lifestyles, and monstrous appetites.

First featured as a webcomic series on Tapas, Fangs chronicles the humor, sweetness, and awkwardness of meeting someone perfectly suited to you but also vastly different. Filled with Sarah Andersen’s beautiful gothic illustrations and relatable relationship humor, Fangs has all the makings of a cult classic.

Book Breakdown 

This was really cute! Elsie can't seem to find a boyfriend because she's a vampire and Jimmy is a werewolf that also finds it hard to date because of his own issues. So low and behold, these two find each other and it's so hilariously perfect. 

I love the art, it's dark and gothic and that is right up my alley! Plus, it's a vampire and werewolf romance, so of course, I'd be all over it!

It's not really an A-Z kind of story. It started as a web series, I believe and you can tell, it's more like a bunch of little peaks into their lives and how they work together rather than an actual story. Which I've never experienced before and can say that I enjoyed it. 

I can't wait for more from this author/artist. I hope we get more from these two and their lives. If you need something funny this is for you! It's not scary at all! It has so many hilarious puns and lines that had me laughing out loud so hard my partner kept looking at me strangely. 

It made me smile and brightened my day. I'm so glad I gave it a shot! I really hope you pick it up too, I promise you'll get a good laugh!

I want to thank NetGalley for this title in exchange for an honest review. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Music Monday - Karliene

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When I was little my grandmother read the book Memoirs of a Geisha. I saw the cover and the model's eyes grabbed me. I wanted to read the book too. So my parents got me a copy and I started to read it. I'd discuss parts of it with my grandma but I never got to finish it... I took it to school and a friend wanted to read it and so I let her read it over lunch. The school found out and decided it wasn't right for someone my age to read this and to share it at school. They took the book, I didn't want to tell my parents because I'd already gotten into trouble for something else recently and didn't want to start more drama. 

But years later, when I was out of that school and their rules, I found the book used and picked it up and finally finished it. I loved it. I also love the movie. It really feels like another world and this song gave me that feeling back. 

This song I heard because of the TV show Vikings and when I saw she did a cover, I was all over it! Hope you enjoy this one too! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Vampire's Assistant By Darren Shan (Cirque Du Freak #2) - Book Breakdown

My Name is Darren Shan. I'm a half-vampire.

I wasn't born that way. I used to be ordinary.

My days as a human were over. My nights as a vampire's assistant had begun.

Darren joins the powerful vampire Mr. Crepsley as his assistant, and they return to the mysterious freak show. There, Darren makes friends with the snake-boy, Evra Von. As he struggles with his new life as a vampire's assistant, Darren tries desperately to resist the temptation that sickens him
...the one thing that can keep him alive.

But destiny is calling...

The wolf-man is waiting.


Monday, August 17, 2020

Music Monday - Soothing Songs

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So for a while I was in a really bad reading slump. I didn't even want to pick up a book! I was also really depressed during this time. It wasn't pretty. But when I heard this song it made me want to read again. It inspired me. I hope it does the same for you.

This next one is by someone I've shared a lot from but I wanted to share this one because it really stuck out to me. It sounds a lot different than the normal stuff he does but I still like it. Hopefully, you like it too! 

Have a great week and stay safe!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Video Game Nonsense

Now, I'm going to admit something that would shock the hardcore Zelda lovers out here. You ready for it? This is the first Zelda game I've ever played. No joke. After hunting for months and months, I finally found a Switch and my partner got it for me. I was going to skip this game because I don't care about Zelda. I'm a Mario girl all the way. But my brother-in-law talked about it a little and I heard it was an open world... I'm a sucker for open-world games!

So... I bought it.

Why not right? Boy, let me tell you, I was so lost! Every time I came across a red Moblin I would get killed in one swipe! I couldn't even run more than a few seconds without getting so winded that Link would just stop moving and try and catch his breath! Look, I'm not in the best shape ever but I can run faster and longer than this great Knight!

So I put the game down for a few days or I told myself I was at least, but even though I was getting my butt kicked and freezing to death every time I entered the colder parts of the map... I just had to pick it back up again. I was hooked.

I found myself wanting to explore more of the world, there are no loading screens, you can walk from one part of the map to the other... no loading screens in the open world. No there is a loading screen with you go into a Shrine but it's not even that long. Which I love!

So the whole point of the game is Ganon has overtaken the castle and turned all guardians to his side. Only the princess' magic has kept it from taking over the whole land. She's been fighting Ganon for 100 years while Link was healed from a mortal wound he took those 100 years ago. Now, he has to save the princess and the land from Ganon taking over. Easy enough plot to understand, but then there are the lost memories. Link has no memories of what happened before he woke up, which was great for me, a noob to this universe. I got to learn with Link.

Then you got a lot of side quests to do, which honestly, most of them are pretty bad. One side quest had me hunting for 10 crickets to help some guy get the girl he's had his eye on. Now, RPGs usually have some pretty lackluster side quests but when comparing this game to those like Skyrim or The Witcher... the side quests here so worse. I don't even like doing them half the time.

But the main quests! They are so much fun! With a mix of difficulty that ranges from easy as cake to OMG what have I gotten myself into? So after beating a hard quest, I always get this feeling that I accomplished something major! And it makes me want to tackle the next part of the quest.

Also, Breath of the Wild is stunning! It's not got the best graphics out there nor the most realistic art style but it's this perfect mix of real with fantasy that just pulls me into a whole different world. I no longer feel like I'm here on earth when playing this game but I'm there with Link in this world where it feels like anything can happen. I've no idea what I'll find next on my travels, a new shrine that helps me level up or another group of enemies to take down!

The game even allows for downtime! Maybe I don't want to test my skills at a Shrine or beat up some Goblin like creatures. The game allows that for that! With cooking! Not only is it fun to figure out more recipes but they can fill your health over the limit and help with things like the cold or even help you move faster.

I've even seen videos and posts about people cooking dishes inspired by this game which is something I would love to do soon. But it's been hard finding something my partner would like to try. He's a picky eater! But I won't give up and I will find something he'll go for! I will make something inspired by this game!

Breath of the Wild even won the game of the year award in 2017 when it first came out. Everyone seems to love it and I can see why! While I don't think it's the best game of all time like a lot of gamers out there, I do love it and can't for Breath of the Wild 2!!!

Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan - Book Breakdown

In the tradition of Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot, Cirque Du Freak is the frightening saga of a young boy whose visit to a mysterious freak show leads him on a journey into a dark world of vampires. Filled with grotesque creatures, murderous vampires, and a petrifying ending, Cirque Du Freak will chill, thrill, and leave readers begging for more.

I was an ordinary boy,
until I visited the Cirque Du Freak...
until I met Madam Octa... until I came
face to face with a creature of the night.
That's when my life changed completely.
I don't expect you to believe me, but
everything I describe in this book
is absolutely true...


Book Breakdown

According to Goodreads, I've read this book five times. So I know I've read it a lot more than that. I still love this series. I found it when it was all finished as a wee little kid and read them all so fast that my parents took me to the book store every single day after school to get the next one. Eventually, they just bought the whole series and let me have at it. Which was better for me.

My partner recently got me the UK boxset because it's so cute and it was on sale! I never pay full price for anything. Not in today's world, there's no use! So when I saw it was on sale, he snapped it up for me.

So, I thought it was time for another reread! This is a middle-grade horror series about vampires! But there's a neat twist to these vampires. They are turned by fingertips, they share blood that way. They also don't live forever, just longer than a normal human. But they do have some neat powers!

This first book follows young Darren as he sneaks off with his best friend Steve and heads off to a freak show. Only Steve happens to notice that one of the freaks is a real-life vampire! He begs the vampire to turn him but he refuses! Darren steals the vampire's pet spider, thinking he can train it to work with him. Turns out the spider sinks it's fangs into Steve when they're playing with her and the only way to save him is for Darren to become the vampire's assistant, thus becoming a vampire himself!

This really sets up the world and story quickly while still telling a great story! Something I love about middle-grade books is that they get right to the meat of it. There's no filler, just the juicy parts I want. Nothing is boring in this book. It's fun, dark, and Darren is a great character!

Now, I need to jump into the next one!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Writing Rambles - Carnival of Devils

I wrote this in 2018, I believe, as a challenge my partner set for me. It's since become a tradition of ours to write something scary during October. I'll give him an idea for a screenplay and he'll give me an idea for a short story. It's fun and something we can do together since we both love horror.

I've been revising this one, making it longer, adding more details recently and thought I'd share this original one with you, so if you can, please read and tell me what you think, ignore any typos please, I'm such a messy writer that it's not even funny. I'm usually going so fast to get the thoughts out of my head that important things like grammar and spelling take a nose dive till I go back and look at it. I cleaned it up quite a bit so it's actually readable but you might still find a little something here or there.

So without further ado, please let me welcome you to the Carnival of Devils. I promise you it's a thrill ride that you'll never forget...

Monday, August 10, 2020

Music Monday - Ashley Serena (#2)

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Last week I shared some sad pop songs and this week I want to share two more songs by someone I've shared before but she recently put out this new song and I'm in love with it. It reminds me a lot of Wicked Lovely. If you know that book then you've been reading YA a long time and you deserve a black star! 

Anyway, let's just get into these wonderful songs. Let her voice carry you away to somewhere better...

Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Dare By Elle Kennedy - Book Breakdown

College was supposed to be my chance to get over my ugly-duckling complex and spread my wings. Instead, I wound up in a sorority full of mean girls. I already have a hard time fitting in, so when my Kappa Chi sisters issue the challenge, I can’t say no.

The dare: seduce the hottest new hockey player in the junior class.

Conor Edwards is a regular at Greek Row parties…and in Greek Row sorority beds. He’s the one you fall for before you learn that guys like him don’t give girls like me a second glance. Except Mr. Popular throws me for a loop—rather than laughing in my face, he does me a solid by letting me take him upstairs to pretend we’re getting busy.

Even crazier, now he wants to keep pretending. Turns out Conor loves games, and he thinks it’s fun to pull the wool over my frenemies’ eyes.

But resisting his easy charm and surfer-boy hotness is darn near impossible. Though I’m realizing there’s much more to Conor’s story than his fan club can see.

And the longer this silly ruse goes on, the greater the danger of it all blowing up in my face.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

3 Things I Hope to See in Midnight Sun

Let's not waste any time! I simply can't wait to read this book! I loved Twilight as a young one and even to this day I don't hate it like a lot of Twilight fans do now. When I read the first few chapters off of the author's website when it leaked, I couldn't wait for this book! Now, many years later, I finally get to read it! 

Here are a few things I hope to see in Midnight Sun! 

1) Getting to know everyone's thoughts through Edward. There are many moments throughout the whole series that I would love to see what's happening in Alice's head or even all the kids at school. So to finally be able to get a little of this, is just exciting! 

2) Edward's first impression of Bella. Hers is the only mind he can't read, you know this is going to be epic when we finally see just how many emotions flow through him at the sight of her. 

3) Edward with his family when Jasper and Alice take Bella away from Forks. I know we are told what's he's doing but to see it all first hand... gonna be great! We also get to see just how hard it's going to be for Edward when he has to suck James' venom out of Bella. 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Music Monday - Sad Pop Songs

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This is my first Music Monday in over a month! Wow! Time sure flies, I needed the break though. My mental health wasn't doing so well because of everything that is going on in the world. And when I'm depressed, I'm that weird person that looks for sad songs that just make me feel worse instead of trying to find happy songs. Yeah... that's not healthy I know.

But anyway, I hope you enjoy these songs! I also hope you're going okay during all this. You're not alone even if it feels like it. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

UPDATE! The Future of 50/50 Friday & More

     Since 10/7/2016, I've kept 50/50 Friday going. I had lots of help from the amazing Laura for a few years but then she needed to take a break and I've been running it alone. I'm not very creative, that's always been something that I don't like about myself, so after a bit, I ran out of topic ideas or the ones I came up with were no longer fun for me. 

     The worry of having to make sure I have a post up every Friday was starting to get to me. My whole world has changed, as I'm sure yours has as well. I couldn't keep this up anymore. I'm sorry for those that liked this meme. I really am. 

     Next, I would like to talk about my feelings with the book world. It's really changed since I first started blogging, it used to be the kind of place where we could just talk about the books that we loved. Now, it's turned into something I can't always stand behind. Everyone trying to tear down books they don't like, trying to get them pulled before they are published so no one else can enjoy them. It's honestly gross. I don't want a small group of people deciding if I should be allowed to read a book or if it should even be published. That's my choice alone. Of course, my opinion is not the most popular so I don't mean to offend anyone. This brings me to another point, I'm tired of having to walk on eggshells so I don't offend. I have to do that enough in my real life with my special needs daughter, I'm not going to do it in the one place that was my escape. I don't mean to offend anyone, that's never been my intention but I have offended with some of my reviews... or because I decided to read a book that someone was offended by, they got nasty with me. I'm not about that life. 

     So my love for reviewing books has really fallen recently, as I'm sure you've seen. I used to be scared to share my thoughts because I didn't want to hurt anyone so I just stopped... just read the books I wanted without reviewing them. I'm done with that. If I want to review a book, I will. Again, I don't want to offend anyone but it's going to happen, I'm sure, and I won't say I'm sorry again for my own personal opinions and thoughts. If you're okay with that then please stick around and if you're not, I will understand if you don't wanna hang here on my blog anymore. Everyone has to do what's best for themselves. 

    So, because my love of books has been turned a little sour as of late, I'm going to be branching out. I will talk about video games, tv, my writings, or just whatever the heck I want to talk about at that time. Yes, I am still going to be talking about books but this other stuff will be coming into play. You've already seen a little bit of it with the Resident Evil post so you can understand what's coming. I also want to talk more about my writings and manga, TV shows I'm watching (Netflix's Cursed, Am I right, or am I right?)

    So this isn't the end of The Butterfly Reader, it's just growing into something much more. I hope you guys will follow me on this path because it's going to be a wild ride! 

    I've missed you guys so much. It was nice to take this long break but I'm glad to be back! I'll be lurking around all your blogs soon so you'll see me again!