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Music Monday - Alternative + Small Update

I’m so sorry to have vanished for so long. I’ve been having some health issues, and it’s thrown everything off. I’ve not got to visit any of your blogs either and that sucks! I’m going to catch up as I can, but I’m still feeling pretty weak and tired, so please just bear with me.  No, I didn’t catch Covid, in case anyone was wondering. A whole different set of health problems. It sucks being sickly! So please just hang in there with me a little longer while I continue to get better.  Now, let’s get to Music Monday! This awesome meme is hosted over at Always Me I hope you enjoy these two songs! Have a great week! 

Outlander Giveaway Winner!

The giveaway for Outlander book 1 is now over! I hope you got your chance to enter! Because now the winner is...... (insert drum roll) Miranda D! Congrats!  I will reach out to her but in case she doesn’t respond in 48 hours, I will choose a new winner. Thank you all for entering the giveaway. I will try to do more in the future, so maybe next time it could be you!  I hope you have a great weekend! Stay safe, wear a mask, and happy reading! 

Taylor Swift - All Too Well

This meme is hosted over at Always Me Last Friday Taylor Swift released her version of Red! Which means we got a 10 minute long version of All Too Well. Her original vision for the song. I balled my eyes out. It's probably her best written song. I just had to share it with you!   That's all I'll share this week since this song is so long. I really hope you enjoyed it! Stay safe, wear a mask and happy reading.

Outlander Giveaway!

It's finally time! I'm doing my Outlander giveaway! Yay! I can't wait for the new season of the show coming out next year and the newest novel later this very month! I'm going to spend all of November break just reading!  In spirit of the next book coming out, I want to share the love of Outlander. The prize for this giveaway is the very first book in the Outlander series. I will ship it directly from Amazon.  Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Music Monday - Bridgerton Musical

This meme is hosted over at Always Me Hello and welcome to another Monday. I don’t know about you, but I’m torn with Mondays. Sometimes I feel like I love them and other times I despise them. Today, I lean more towards wishing Monday didn’t exist.  But nothing makes Monday easier than some really cool music! I’ve grabbed the next novel in the Bridgerton series and somehow when looking up that book I found this exceptional musical!  I will only share two songs, but I encourage everyone to listen to the whole thing because these two women are so freaking amazing!    That's all for this post! I do hope you have a wonderful week! Stay safe and happy reading!

My Halloween Adventures

I've talked about this before but now I'm going to share some pictures! Please know that as much as I wish I was... I'm not a photographer. So if these suck, I'm sorry.  First, my friends and I went on a really cool train ride, we rode the oldest train in the lot and it was in three movies. No famous movies, all were indie/low budget but still, that's wicked.

Music Monday - Autumn Music Ambience

This meme is hosted over at Always Me Well, little butterflies, I sure hope you had a wonderful Halloween! I got to take a haunted train ride and visit the Museum of Osteology. I got a few pictures that I'll be sharing later this week! It was so much fun!  But we're here to talk about music and I got some really relaxing mixes for you. I hope you enjoy them!   I hope you enjoyed these videos! Here's hoping this week is a good one! Stay safe, wear a mask! And last but not least, happy reading!