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My Top Rated Books of 2021

This was hard! I'm a picky reader, it's very hard to impress me after all the books I've read but these were all five star reads! I can't recommend them highly enough! They aren't really in any order except for the first one. It's a book I think every single person on earth should read.  Let's get to it!

Music Monday - Winter Ambience

This meme is hosted by Always Me Christmas may be over but it's still winter time. I hope you've gotten some nice snow. Of course here in Oklahoma most of December was warm. Hopefully, January won't follow the same path!  So in honor of winter weather, I thought I'd share this wonderful Ambience.  So, how was your Christmas? Get any good books? Eat yummy food? Tell me all about it below! Stay safe, wear a mask, and happy reading my friends. 

Originality and Authenticity in the World of Published Fan-Fiction - Discussion

From Wikipedia - Fan-fiction is fictional writing written in an amateur capacity as fans, unauthorized by, but based on an existing work of fiction. The author uses copyrighted characters, settings, or other intellectual properties from the original creator(s) as a basis for their writing. I never wrote Twilight fics. Instead, I wrote K-Pop fan-fiction over ten years ago. I wrote about the group called SHINee. I wrote everything from smut to fluff. It was so much fun to connect with others who loved to write and loved this amazing K-Pop group. I even came in second in a SHINee fanfic contest, which was awesome! 

Music Monday - Pop Christmas

This meme is hosted by Always Me Usually I share Christmas music all month long but I didn't. My health threw everything off but today is the first day of Christmas break and I hope to enjoy it! It's really time to get into the Christmas spirit!   Any special Christmas plans? We are having a small dinner with just us and my partner's grandma and step-grandfather because of Covid. I had hoped to see my family in Kentucky but well... Covid. I really hope you have a Marry Christmas. Happy Reading and stay safe my friends.

The Princess and the Rogue - Book Review

Bow Street agent Sebastien Wolff, Earl of Mowbray, doesn't believe in love―until a passionate kiss with a beautiful stranger in a brothel forces him to reconsider. When the mysterious woman is linked to an intrigue involving a missing Russian princess, however, Seb realizes her air of innocence was too good to be true. Princess Anastasia Denisova has been hiding in London as plain 'Anna Brown'. With a dangerous traitor hot on her trail, her best option is to accept Wolff's offer of protection―and accommodation―at his gambling hell. But living in such close quarters, and aiding Wolff in his Bow Street cases, fans the flames of their mutual attraction. If Anya's true identity is revealed, does their romance stand a chance? Could a princess ever marry a rogue? Book Breakdown This book starts off with a bang! Anya’s assaulted (not raped) by a countryman that wants to marry her for the money and social standing and tries to kidnap her, but her friend whacks him over the

Top Ten Tuesday - My Winter 2021 TBR

This meme is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl I'm so bad at making TBRs and sticking to them but I'm going to try and list books I'm excited to read and hope I stick to it! 

Music Monday - Morbid Poetry

This meme is hosted by Always Me I feel like it's been a while since I shared some songs from my favorite genre of music; goth. So today, I'm changing that!  So which song was your favorite? Let me know below!  Today, I go back to school. I've been out on a leave for my health. So fingers crossed my classes go well. I hope you have a great week! Stay safe, wear a mask, and happy reading! 

A Guide To The Wallflower Series By Lisa Kleypas

This is the one that starts off this entire series. It follows Annabelle; she’s beautiful and sweet. Any member of the ton should jump at the chance to snag her up. Yet, somehow, she’s a wallflower. The reason? She’s very poor.  So poor her family can hardly make it through the season. She’s so desperate to save her family and get a good match, she’s willing to forgo love as long as has future husband is a peer.  She ends up forming a friendship with the rest of the wallflowers, agreeing to get themselves married.  Enter, Simon Hunt. A self-made man so rich it’s not funny. He has no title and Annabelle detests him. Only once she gets to know him... she decides maybe he’s not so bad after all. I love Annabelle and Simon and all the wallflowers! The romance in this is sweet and watching Annabelle fall for Simon is amazing.  I also have to praise the female friendships in here. It’s heartwarming to see how close they become and how much they want to help each other. It’s so rare not to se

Music Monday - The Dragonborn Comes Covers

This meme is hosted over at Always Me Skyrim's tenth year anniversary edition recently came out and as someone who still loves that game, I've been playing it a little, listening to music from the universe and cooking items from my cookbook! So I thought I'd share two of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!   I'm still getting back into the hang of blogging again. My health is still slowly getting better and I will be hoping around your blogs today. See you soon!