Pink Sticky Stars

5 Sticky Stars = Epic. Fantastic! I fully recommend to any and everyone!  A stand out read for sure! No bad things to say. 

4 Sticky Stars =  Amazing. The plot was entertaining and mostly thought out, few to no plot holes. I liked our MC and enjoyed the other characters.

3 Sticky Stars = Enjoyable. Nothing moved me but I may have laughed or smiled while reading. At least one of the characters I found myself really loving. Some plot problems maybe. Not enough to ruin the book. Just a basic but enjoyable read.

2 Sticky Stars = Alright. I only made it through because I was hoping it would get better. Plot holes, bad writing, just nothing really that good.

1 Sticky Stars = Nothing. This book was just plain awful all round. I'm not even sure how I managed to finish it...

0 Sticky Stars = DNF